7 Things I love about the 2018 PRS SE Custom 24 Electric Guitar

6 Things I love about the 2018 PRS SE Electric Guitar

7 Things I love about the 2018 PRS SE Custom 24 Electric Guitar

Here are my top 7 things I love about the 2018 PRS SE electric guitar.  I’ve owned this guitar now for just over 12 months or so and I have to say it’s by far my favourite all-around guitar in my collection. I might have more expensive or custom guitars in my collection but this really fills a spot none of the others does.  I had no expectations when I purchased this 2018 PRS SE electric guitar but I am sure glad I ended up buying it.

What I love about the 2018 PRS SE

  • Easy to play
  • 24 frets allow for easy reach up high
  • The pickups are nice and bright (compared with other humbuckers)
  • Split coil thanks to the tone control for single coil tones
  • The finish looks amazing!
  • Comfortable while standing.  It is not too heavy.
  • The whammy bar/tremolo system actually works

Things I think aren’t perfect

  • One of the main things that some people might not like the colour selection.  Is no question about it some other tops aren’t quite as nice as the top of the range PRS guitars.  That said though, I think because they don’t look so fancy I’d be less worried about getting them damaged.
  • Split coil mode doesn’t sound anywhere near as good as the humbucker mode.

If you’ve been following my YouTube channel and live gigs you know I am playing this guitar to death. recently on my YouTube channel, I posted a 2018 year rundown video.  In this video, I mentioned also that I’m playing this guitar more than any of my other guitars in my current collection.

I can’t believe I purchased one!

I honestly dismissed PRS guitars for the longest time.  The wider guitar community will tell you that PRS is trying to be somewhere in between Les Paul and Stratocaster. How wrong they are and how silly I was for buying into this concept.  This is one reason why you shouldn’t jump on internet bandwagons that usually wrong.

PRS guitars really have their own vibe going on I love the fact that I can reach all the way up to the 24th fret without any hassle at all.  Since owning this guitar, I have no urge to purchase any of the high-end models.  This does exactly what I needed to do it feels great to play.

Below is a video that I made regarding this exact topic.  As you can tell by the heading at this article I have added one additional point to the list.

2018 PRS SE models and beyond

Physically difference between the 2018 models of the PRS ES guitars and prior models when it comes to the pickups and how they sound.  One thing I’ve seen a lot of other musicians do is upgrade to pickups on the older models.  Fact is, I don’t plan on modifying this guitar at all unless I have to.  I don’t really have any use issues with the way it stays in tune the weight sounds the quality of the possible switches it feels and sounds pretty great.

The PRS Gig Bag Rocks

The PRS gig bag has to be one of the best of all time. This a few reasons I love this gig bag so much.

  • The gig back is padded really well!  So much so I never stress about throwing it in my car.
  • The gig bag has enough space for cables, leads, pedals thanks for the front compartment.
  • It also has a hope that you can extend out from the back to hang it off PA speaker.
  • The PRS gig back is built great. I know other guys that use these bags for their USA made PRS guitars.

Out of all the gig bags I currently own the PRS SE bag is by far the best. Coming in at a close second would be the gig back from Super, they also make really great gig bags


What really pushed me over the edge was comparing it to why my Les Paul style electric guitars.  What are my good friends was also in the room at the time and We both felt like there wasn’t any comparison between them tone-wise.  The PRS had more clarity, more cut, it was lighter, and just sounded better.  It really put into perspective how close the PRS SE Custom 24 is tone wise to a single coil guitar even when in humbucker mode.  If you like a guitar with pickups that have some snap to them I am sure you’ll like this range.

As always and I can’t stress this enough make sure you play them before you buy them.  Make sure you’re happy with the neck, make sure you like this out of the pickups, and then just enjoy!