Fender Fuse Mustang V2 Archive

Download Fender Fuse Mustang V2 Patches

In late March of 2020, Fender discontinued support for the Fender Fuse website.  This included the takedown of thousands of Fender Fuse Mustang V2 patches as well as their Fender Fuse software.  The reason for the takedown is that Fender is pushing their Mustang GT and Mustang GTX series of amplifiers and are in a way forcing people to buy something new.

Download Fender Fuse Mustang V2 Patches
Download Fender Fuse Mustang V2 Patches
My Mustang Monday Patches

Thanks to my old series of videos on YouTube called “Mustang Monday“, I had over 400,000 downloads of my custom presets when I last checked about 5 months ago.  Sadly, I never had the all backed up on my own computer because of a hard drive failure.  The good news is I reached out to the community on YouTube and have received hundreds of emails.  Included in these emails were lots of patches that I am making available for you to download.

There are a lot of people to thank for this who sent in emails with my custom Fender Fuse Mustang V2 patches as well as many more.  Feel free to host these files somewhere else for download, just don’t copy and paste my entire page.  Thanks.

Download the Fender Fuse Mustang V2 Patches

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intheblues mustang monday presets
These patches were made for the Mustang V2 amplifiers and not the Mustang GT amps

I encourage anyone and everyone to back up this software on their own computer or cloud service.  I do not own the rights to the Fender Fuse Software but considering it was free software, it shouldn’t be a huge deal.  Please share this link with anyone you know who might be looking for this archive.