Artist Guitars Skyler Electric Guitar Review Video

Artist Guitars Skyler Electric Guitar Review Video | Excellent Value!

Artist Guitars Skyler Electric Guitar Review

Welcome to my review of the Artist Guitars Skyler electric guitar. The Skyler electric guitar is one of the premium options from Artist Guitars in Australia. This Artist Guitars Skyler features great humbucker pickups, stainless steel frets, and various colors and options. Check out the range of Skyler guitar colors on Artist Guitars. (affiliate link). This video will run you through the clean, crunch, and high-gain tones.  

How Good is the Artist Guitars Skyler?

We had a great time reviewing this guitar!  This electric guitar felt great in the hand and held its tuning perfectly well.  Thanks to the locking tuners, stainless steel frets, and great sounding pickups, this painted-over relic Skyler will be a great option for guitarists looking for a guitar with modern feel with a classic shape.  

What’s with the Paint Job?

The Skyler has what is called a “Painted-Over Paisley” relic job.  This means the guitar is supposed to look like the guitar has been painted over with the teal color only to have worn away to show the original paisley look.  Sure, the Relic look isn’t for everyone but it looks really nice in person.  The relic is only on the body and the back of the neck is new as normal. 

Who is the Artist Guitars Skyler for?

The Skyler is great for any sort of music thanks to the humbucker and split-coil option.  This gives you the benefit of the hum-cancelling tones in humbucker mode, and a “Strat-type” sound in single-coil mode.  Thanks to the hot nature of these pickups they handle high gain tones without any problems and also sound great clean as you can hear in the video above. 

I can see this guitar being very popular with beginners to intermediate guitarists thanks to the great value and high quality design.  Out of all of the Artist Guitars I’ve tested over the years, this one is right up there as one of the most impressive thanks to the excellent playability, tone, and premium features. 

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