Vangoa VPPD-S Pedalboard Review – How Good is it?

Vangoa VPPD-S Pedalboard Review

Vangoa VPPD-S Pedalboard Review In today‚Äôs review, we are checking out an affordable all-in-one pedalboard from the folks over at Vangoa.  This is the Vangoa VPPD-S pedalboard.  I will also compare this new pedalboard to my beloved and almost worn-out pedal train mini.    Disclaimer Before we get started a huge thanks to Vangoa for … Read more

Eastman T59/v Classic Electric Guitar Review | ES-335

Eastman T59/v Review

Eastman T59/v Classic Electric Guitar Review We are checking out the Eastman T59/v Classic electric guitar in today’s review.  The Eastman T59/v is designed as a classic ES335-type guitar that is loaded with some great-sounding pickups.  I had a chance to shoot a video review of the Eastman T59/v recently and this review will elaborate … Read more

Artist PBB01 Battery Bank Power Supply Review

Artist PB001 Review

Artist PBB01 Battery Bank Power Supply Review Today’s article is my full review of the Artist PBB01 Pedal Battery Bank Power Supply. In this review, I will compare it against the legendary 1-Spot power supply from TrueTone/Visual Sound.  Artist Guitars Best Price The Artist Guitars PBB01 Power Supply does 7 Things Your 1-Spot Won’t In … Read more

Fender Mustang Micro Review – Worth it?

Fender Mustang Micro Review

Fender Mustang Micro Review The Fender Mustang Micro is a portable clip-on electric guitar amplifier that works with any electric guitar. The compact Micro amplifier is an excellent way of practicing guitar quietly, thanks to its 3.5mm headphone jack socket.  This review will cover everything you need to know about this great little practice amplifier … Read more