My Fender Super-Sonic 60 from back in the day!

Fender Super-Sonic 60 – An Underrated Gem!

Fender Super-Sonic 60 – An Underrated Guitar Amplifier

Howdy folks! I wanted to share with you my thoughts on the Fender Super-Sonic 60 amplifier after all of these years since its release! This awesome guitar amp combo was released in 2013 and it offers a wide range of features and tonal capabilities to cater to clean and driven tones. I’ve tested many amps since owning this one, and it still reminds me of why it’s so good.

Impressive Features

One of the most impressive features of the Super-Sonic 60 is its clean channels, which offer two distinct voices derived from Fender’s renowned amplifiers: the Vibrolux and the Bassman. Switching between these channels is a seamless experience, facilitated either by the provided foot switch or the convenient push button on the amp’s front panel.  I’d argue the Fender Super-Sonic 60 is one of the best gigging amplifiers you can find on the used market.  If the weight doesn’t concern you, it packs a punch!

However, what sets the Super-Sonic 60 apart is its Burn channel. This channel is perfect for genres ranging from blues to rock and beyond, and with two gain controls, users can finely tune the amount of overdrive to suit their preferences. Adding Gain 2 thickens the sound, providing ample compression and a robust foundation perfect for blistering solos. This amazing drive channel negates the need for additional overdrive pedals, as it delivers a diverse range of usable tones.

Clean Headroom

The Super-Sonic 60 boasts impressive headroom, allowing for pristine clarity even at higher volumes. Compared to the Super-Sonic 22, the 60 offers a significantly larger low end and a more expansive sound profile, thanks in part to its Celestion Vintage 30 speaker. The amp’s clean channel rivals that of the Deluxe Reverb 65 Reissue, showcasing clarity and power capable of cutting through any mix and filling any room.

What Tubes are in the Fender Super-Sonic 60?

The amp’s technical specifications underscore its quality, with Groove Tubes powering the preamp (6 x 12AX7, 2 x 12AT7) and the power tubes (2 x 6L6). The inclusion of a 3-button footswitch and vintage-style white radio knobs add to the amp’s retro charm, while a fitted cover ensures protection during transport and storage.

While Fender discontinued this amplifier from their lineup, the smaller Super-Sonic 22 is still available.  The smaller counterpart offers a similar range of tones but without the huge and round sound of the 60. I have had reliability issues with the 22, which is why I would opt towards either an older used one in working order, or a 60.

Fender-Super-Sonic 22

Final Thoughts on the Fender Super-Sonic 60 Guitar Amplifier

In conclusion, I absolutely love the 2013 Fender Super-Sonic 60 amplifier! It is an exceptional amplifier that offers outstanding sound quality, versatility, and overall performance. Whether you’re playing on stage or recording in the studio, this amplifier delivers a magical experience that’s sure to delight musicians of all stripes.  I don’t have my amplifier anymore but I am on the look out for another one if I find one in decent second-hand condition, at a decent price.

If you have any questions, please post them below in the comments section on my website! Cheers.

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