Press Release: Harley Benton Spaceship PowerBar Series

Harley Benton Spaceship Power Pedalboard

Harley Benton Spaceship PowerBar Series A new range of powered pedalboards has arrived from Harley Benton! This new Spaceship PowerBar series is a great all-in-one solution for those wanting a pedalboard and power supply solution. If you are unfamiliar with this brand, I recently reviewed the Harley Benton 25th Anniversary Fusion T electric guitar (see … Read more

BOSS BD-2 Blues Driver Review – A Classic For a Reason!

Boss BD-2 Blues Driver Pedal

Boss BD-2 Blues Driver: A Classic for a Reason! The Boss BD-2 Blues Driver is a legendary overdrive pedal that has established itself as a staple in the arsenal of countless guitarists, from blues enthusiasts to rock and beyond.  Renowned for its warm, smooth, and expressive tone, the BD-2 delivers a classic bluesy crunch that … Read more

Vangoa VPPD-S Pedalboard Review – How Good is it?

Vangoa VPPD-S Pedalboard Review

Vangoa VPPD-S Pedalboard Review In today’s review, we are checking out an affordable all-in-one pedalboard from the folks over at Vangoa.  This is the Vangoa VPPD-S pedalboard.  I will also compare this new pedalboard to my beloved and almost worn-out pedal train mini.    Disclaimer Before we get started a huge thanks to Vangoa for … Read more

Artist PBB01 Battery Bank Power Supply Review

Artist PB001 Review

Artist PBB01 Battery Bank Power Supply Review Today’s article is my full review of the Artist PBB01 Pedal Battery Bank Power Supply. In this review, I will compare it against the legendary 1-Spot power supply from TrueTone/Visual Sound.  Artist Guitars Best Price The Artist Guitars PBB01 Power Supply does 7 Things Your 1-Spot Won’t In … Read more