ADAM Audio A7V Studio Monitors Review

Adam Audio A7V Studio Monitors Review (vs T7V) | Which is Best?

Adam Audio T7V Studio Monitors Review Welcome back, folks; my name’s Shane. In today’s review, we’re checking out a set of studio monitors from ADAM Audio – the ADAM Audio A7V, active near-field studio monitors. This review will walk you through everything you need to know about these monitors from a practical, sound quality, and

AEA N22 Microphone Review

AEA N22 Ribbon Microphone Review: A One & Done Mic!

AEA N22 Ribbon Microphone Review Welcome to the website folks, my name’s Shane.  In today’s review, we are checking out a killer-sounding ribbon microphone from the folks over at AEA Microphones in the USA. This is the AEA N22 Near Field Active Ribbon Microphone. The AEA can be used for vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar,

Two-Notes Torpedo X Review

My Two-Notes Captor X Review – What You Need to Know!

Two-Notes Captor X Review This is a full review of the Two-Notes Torpedo Captor X.  The Captor X is the best recording tool I have ever used for recording electric guitar.  Additionally, the Captor X functions as a load box to drastically drop the amplifier speaker’s output or have it fully muted. To help frame

Behringer B 906 Microphone Review

Behringer B 906 Instrument Microphone Review

Behringer B 906 Instrument Microphone Review This is my full review of the Behringer B 906 microphone.  The Behringer B 906 is based on the features and designs of the Sennheiser e906.  If you want to record electric guitar, drums, or brass, the Behringer B 906 is a really great option.  Before we get going

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