The Mooer GE-200 Multi-Effects Pedal Review

The Mooer GE-200 Effects Pedal is a total game changer when it comes to live and studio recording tools.  You might be thinking to yourself that this is another disposable digital effects pedal? right? Wrong! The Mooer GE-200 is kind of like the Kemper profiling amplifier mixed with a Line 6 Helix.

What does the Mooer GE-200 do? It allows you to use it direct to a PA system, mixer, or sound card for direct recording.  Thanks to the amplifier, cabinet, and microphone options it makes recording a breeze.  I also had a chance to use this live and it sounded great in the front of house mix.   You can of course also turn off the Cabinet and amp simulation and use it straight into your favourite guitar amplifier.

One of the best things about this unit that a lot of reviews fail to mention is the fact you can use it with third party impulse responses. If you have a favourite Celestion IR for example you can load that into the unit and use it.  Not only that but you can also arrange the order of the effects within the virtual chain of the unit.

The video above covers a lot of the features of the GE-200 but not quite all of them.  There’s so much to cover but I tried my best to give a good overview of everything involved in the unit.

I had no expectations for this unit but I was really blown away by it and I am putting it in my top 5 pedals of 2018.  Check it out here on Amazon if you want to pick one up cheap.

Donner Verb Square Reverb Pedal Review

The Donner Verb Square might be the best value for money reverb pedal on the market.  This pedal features 7 different modes which include Room, Hall, Church, Spring, Plate, Studio, and Mod. Donner has really stepped up their game in 2017 in terms of build quality and design.  These new Donner “Square” series mini-pedals are built like tanks and are literally at a price anyone can afford.

If you have an amp that doesn’t have a reverb tank this is a great option for going in via the FX loop or even as a last resort straight into the front end of the amp.  The spring reverb tones are very, very close to what you could expect out of a Fender amp for example except you’re able to shape the tone more on the reverb on the Donner Verb Square.  The rest of the effects sound very reminiscent of what you would expect from any hall or room sound but having the ability to shape your sound for under $50 is a great deal!

You can get it direct on Amazon for the best price or via Donner’s Website

Crazy Tube Circuits Pin Up Fuzz Octave Pedal Review

Crazy Tube Circuits Pin Up Fuzz Octave Pedal Review

The Pin Up Fuzz from Crazy Tube Circuits is a hand made pedal from Greece.  I should say this before I say anything else – Greece is responsible for making some of the best pedals on the market right now.  If you’re into handmade pedals, attention to detail, quality parts, and killer tones, you should check out what they have to offer and Crazy Tube Circuits is no exception.

Tones Available:

The Pin Up Fuzz Octave pedal offers two types of tones.  You can run it as a fuzz only pedal or you can also add the octave effect using the left button.   You can only add the octave effect once the fuzz effect is already on via the right button (on/off switch).

The octave effect will go from a higher octave through to a lower octave thanks to the voicing control.  It tracks really well for single note stuff but doesn’t work perfectly for bending.  This tracking option is actually pretty desirable for a lot of folks who don’t want a polyphonic type octave effect and would opt for something a little less perfect.

The Fuzz tones are spectacular to my ear and I am not the biggest fuzz fan in the World.  I would put the fuzz tones up there with the Anarchy Audio Baa-Bzz which is one of my all time favorites.

The Pin Up Fuzz cleans up really well when you turn your volume control down on the guitar as well.  It feels great under the fingers and responds great to your volume changes on the guitar.

Build Quality

10/10! Not only is it built well using excellent components the pedal itself is one of the nicest finishes I have ever seen on an effects pedal.  There’s a super-high gloss finish on this pedal which looks spectacular!  I would put Crazy Tube Circuit pedals up to the top of my list for visuals their designs and high gloss finish look amazing.

VS Audio Royal Flush Dual Overdrive Pedal Review

VS Audio Royal Flush Dual Overdrive Pedal Review

The Royal Flush dual overdrive pedal from VS audio is my favorite dual overdrive pedal ever.  To put it simply both channels in this pedal are awesome. Not only can the channels be used on their own with extremely good results they sound killer stacked.

Both sides of the Royal Flush are very similar except the left side of the pedal has more gain.  So you could essentially set the pedal up for off-clean and then a solo tone or you can use it as I use it which is leave the right side on and use the left as a volume boost.

What I really like about this pedal is it retains a lot of the character of your guitar and amplifier but what it adds it adds in a musical way.  It cuts the mix no problems without sounding like your tone has dramatically changed but if you wind up the gain it really get overdriven and thick!

The pedal runs on 9v so you can power it with just about any regular 9v power supply.  The pedal does look pretty unique but don’t let the graphics put you off, this is a total beast of tonal proportions.

The videos below show both myself and Ric using the VS Audio Royal Flush overdrive pedal with different guitars and rigs.



The Klon KTR versus the Wampler Tumnus

The Klon KTR versus the Wampler Tumnus

In this video I compare the Klon KTR versus the Wampler Tumnus overdrive pedal. The Klon KTR is the newest  version of the infamous Klon Centaur overdrive pedal.  The Tumnus crams most of the tones from the KTR into a much smaller box.  I say “most” because the Tumnus is different.  It also adds a little extra as well. What the Tumnus adds is low end and what it lacks is a buffer switch which is what might sway you one way or the other.  To my understanding the Tumnus is true bypass while the KTR can either be true or buffered bypass.   (Best Price on Amazon Here)

The Tumnus saves a lot space thanks to the smaller footprint but the jacks are on the side where as on the Klon they are on the top.  Top sided jacks offer the advantage of space saving too because you can literally bunch pedals together.  That said though, I think the Tumnus would still save at least one half of the space even with the side jacks.

As I mentioned tonally they are basically the same except the Tumnus has more low end.  In a live band situation, the low end is sometimes lost in the mix.

Kink Guitar Pedals – The Charlie Fuzz Pedal Review

Kink Guitar Pedals – The Charlie Fuzz Pedal Review

Here’s something you don’t see everyday! A fuzz pedal with a “killer” inspired design.  Actually, I don’t know if Charles Manson actually killed anyone or if his group of followers did the deed but either way, this pedal looks and sound really great.

The Charlie Fuzz is made in Cranbourne (which is a suburb of Melbourne) in Australia and I have a lot of good things to say about this particular pedal.

The first thing you’ll notice is the dual LED lights on the front as the eye. This design element is really amazing and very unique so a huge congratulations to Kink Guitar pedals for doing something out of the norm.

Looks aside, this pedal actually sound really great.  If you know me and my reviews – you’ll know I am not the biggest fan of Fuzz pedals through testing so many substandard fuzz pedals.  This particular one stands out for a number of reasons including it’s simplicity.  Not only does it only have one gain/volume control on the front but internally you can set the bias of the pedal from really hot (as seen in this video) to more mellow thanks to a trim pot inside of it.

I personally really love simple pedals.  That said though, the only drawback could be some folks like to have an added tone control.   I should also say, in the video above the bright switch was off in the intro and on in the demo.  Listening to it again I kind of like the more mellow tops by turning the amps bright switch off.  Depending on your rig, you’ll most likely be able to dial in a great fuzz tone without any problems.

If you’re into fuzz pedals check out their Facebook page (no official website yet).

Greenchild K818 Dual Overdrive Pedal

Greenchild K818 Dual Overdrive Pedal

This dual overdrive pedal from Greenchild in the USA combines two classic and known stackable effects pedals in one.  The left side of the pedal is based on the classic Maxon OD808 and the right side is based on the Klon KTR.  The Klon side has less noise than the actual Klon and more headroom.  This means you’ll get the same great tones as the Klon but with less white noise especially when stacked together.

Cranking your amp loud for Tube Distortion or an Overdrive Pedal?

Cranking your amp loud for Tube Distortion or an Overdrive Pedal?

People say the holy grail for getting great tone is to have your clean channel up as loud as possible to get “tube distortion” that only occurs when the tubes are clipping. In this video test I compare running a Fender Blues Deluxe reissue amplifier on half volume against having the amp at a lower volume with an off-clean overdrive pedal.  The pedal in this video is called a VS Audio Royal Flush Overdrive Pedal.