Vangoa VPPD-S Pedalboard Review

Vangoa VPPD-S Pedalboard Review – How Good is it?

Vangoa VPPD-S Pedalboard Review

In today’s review, we are checking out an affordable all-in-one pedalboard from the folks over at Vangoa.  This is the Vangoa VPPD-S pedalboard.  I will also compare this new pedalboard to my beloved and almost worn-out pedal train mini.   


Before we get started a huge thanks to Vangoa for sending this out for review.  This will be a pros and cons review and I’ll cover everything you need to know about this pedal board. If you want to check out this Vangoa pedalboard I’ll link it down below.  

Vangoa VPPD-S vs Pedaltrain Nano

First up, the pedal train mini that I have, is now discontinued. The most recent model that is a similar size to the Vangoa is the Pedaltrain Nano.  This is the closest board I have so I’ll be using this as a comparison.  The Pedaltrain Nano is a great little board and it comes $30 cheaper than the Vangoa.

You might be asking, if the pedal train is cheaper why would I pick the Vangoa VPPD-S pedalboard?  If you are starting or want an all-in-one solution, this will save you money.

Well, this pedalboard isn’t just a pedalboard, it comes with far more than just a bag and board and I’ll run you through all of that now and what makes it unique.

Vangoa BPPD-S Pedalboard fits 5 pedals
Vangoa BPPD-S Pedalboard fits 5 pedals

Vangoa VPPD-S Pedalboard Build Quality

Let’s talk about build quality and then I’ll cover why this is excellent value.  We get what Vangoa calls “Aircraft Grade Aluminium”.  This is a very light and solid board weighing only 0.97 grams or 2.14 lbs.   The board itself is solid and feels like a more premium product than my antiquated pedal train. 

Like most compact pedalboards, the Vangoa can hold up to 5 regular-sized pedals.  You might be able to get more on there if you use mini pedals.  For optimum space with standard pedals, the ones with top-mounted jacks are the way to go.  

If your pedals have side jacks, then you want to find these sorts of pancake jacks.  I’ll link these down below if you want to check them out. 

One of the simple, yet effective features I like is the inclusion of the leg stands. Many years ago I reviewed a much larger vangoa pedalboard and one of the critiques I had was regarding their leg stands.  This one is solid, reliable, and a huge step forward.  The entire board takes the old design and modernizes it. 

Vangoa VPPD-S Pedalboard Review

Below is my video review of the Vangoa VPPD-S Pedalboard.

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Built-in Isolated Power Supply

Another advantage to the price point of this pedalboard is that Vangoa has included a built-in ISOLATED power supply.  Yep, it’s isolated so the risk of ground loop or hum from the power supply is reduced drastically.  

Underneath the board, mounted directly into it is 8x 9v 100mA power outputs.  Even though this can mount for 5 regular pedals, you can still use your wah or amp sim pedal directly from the Power Supply.   While this doesn’t have any 12 or 18v outputs, 9v should be okay for most players.  Due to the PSU being built in, you can always bring a specialized power supply to a gig if you require 18v, for example. In addition to the built-in power supply, we get eight right-angled power connectors.  These right-angle connectors are a great addition and are more functional than the straight-end type when it comes to saving space. 

To Power the power supply, you need another power supply, and it’s included! This is an 18v 2A AC power supply that only comes with a US power socket adapter.  If you’re like me, and you live outside of the US, you’ll need one of these little guys to get it to work. Thankfully, the PSU can support 110-240v so with the adapter you are good to go.  I asked Vangoa about other AC connectors and they said right now, this is it – so keep that in mind. 

Vangoa Built-in Power Supply
Vangoa Built-in Power Supply

Power On/Off the Pedalboard

Turning the pedal board power on and off is simple thanks to the good quality switch on the front of the unit.

Reactive LED Light Bar

Something I’ve never seen on a pedalboard is this built-in LED bar.  This bar is just a visual representation of either your picking dynamics or the band noise.  There’s an input and output socket on the front which allows you to run your guitar signal through the board! If you run your signal this way, the LED bar responds to your picking strength.  Pick soft, and the LED bar will be lower and vice-versa. 

If you decide you don’t want to run your guitar through it, the board will opt to use the built-in microphone option.  This is more of a gimmick, but it’s pretty cool and might look interesting at a gig or on the floor of a YouTube studio.

While there’s no off button if you plug one end of a patch cable (or just the plug) into it, it’ll stop it from flashing.  While unnecessary, seeing something unique and different on the pedalboard scene is fun. 

Under the board is a volume control that allows you to set the mic volume of the board depending on your overall volume.  To the left makes it less responsive by dropping the mic gain and to the right makes it more responsive. 

Vangoa Built-in LED Bar
Vangoa Built-in LED Bar and signal chain input and output connectors

Bag & Velcro Quality

The gig back provided is excellent.  The bag is internally padded and the zips are quite good.  One huge let-down on more affordable pedalboards is their provided bag, but this one does the job.  There’s an internal pocket for cables or accessories and an adjustable back strap for slipping it over your gig bag. 

The strap and handles all feel solid and there are no complaints about build quality.  The only downside of this bag over the Rockboard bag, for example, is the zip strength.  The Zip is slightly better on the Rockboard but I prefer the bag on the Vangoa overall. 

Vangoa VPPD-S Pedalboard Gig Bag
Vangoa VPPD-S Pedalboard Gig Bag


  • A dedicated on/off switch for LED Bar would be a great addition
  • LED Bar would have been a better built-in tuner feature
  • The bag could benefit from a front pocket to hold your Wah pedal.

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Affiliate links – These links earn me a small commission with every purchase.


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