How to fix a Marshall Amplifier Footswitch LED Light

LED Light is Not Working on Marshall Channel Switch Pedal

LED Light is Not Working on Marshall Channel Switch Pedal The Symptoms: Last night at a gig my Marshall DSL40CR footswitch LED stopped working.  The channel switch pedal was still functional but the LED light had ceased operation.  This was the left “channel switch” button LED that had the issue. The good news is the


PedalPalFx PAL 800 Gold Overdrive Pedal Review

Is the PedalPalFX PAL 800 Gold Overdrive the Best Marshall in a Box? Article updated June 22, 2023 Over the last ten years, I’ve had a chance to test out a lot of “Marshall pedals.”  I had heard and seen a lot online regarding this pedal, but I wanted to hear it for myself.  I

Hotone Ampero Review

Hotone Ampero Amp Modeler Effects Processor Pedal Review

How good is the Hotone Ampero Pedal? Overall, the Hotone Ampero is a very good pedal for certain people but not everybody. Digital-based effects pedals are a mixed bag and usually appeal to certain people in certain situations.   Who is the Hotone Ampero for? The Ampero is a multi-effects unit that is great for

Donner Twin Series Tap Delay Pedal

How Good is the Donner Twin Series Tap Delay Pedal?

Donner Twin Series Tap Delay Pedal Review The twin series tap delay pedal from Donner is an affordable pedal which incorporates three different types of delay types in one box.  One of the striking things about this pedal is its layout.  It’s rare to see a pedal that’s this short and wide in terms of

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