Hotone Ampero Amp Modeler Effects Processor Pedal Review

Hotone Ampero Review

How good is the Hotone Ampero Pedal? Overall, the Hotone Ampero is a very good pedal for certain people but not everybody. Digital-based effects pedals are a mixed bag and usually appeal to certain people in certain situations.   Who is the Hotone Ampero for? The Ampero is a multi-effects unit that is great for … Read more

How Good is the Donner Twin Series Tap Delay Pedal?

Donner Twin Series Tap Delay Pedal

Donner Twin Series Tap Delay Pedal Review The twin series tap delay pedal from Donner is an affordable pedal which incorporates three different types of delay types in one box.  One of the striking things about this pedal is its layout.  It’s rare to see a pedal that’s this short and wide in terms of … Read more

The Mooer GE-200 Multi-Effects Pedal Review

Mooer GE200 Pedal

The Mooer GE-200 Effects Pedal is a total game changer when it comes to live and studio recording tools.  You might be thinking to yourself that this is another disposable digital effects pedal? right? Wrong! The Mooer GE-200 is kind of like the Kemper profiling amplifier mixed with a Line 6 Helix. What does the … Read more

Donner Verb Square Reverb Pedal Review

Donner Verb Square Reverb Pedal Review The Donner Verb Square might be the best value for money reverb pedal on the market.  This pedal features 7 different modes which include Room, Hall, Church, Spring, Plate, Studio, and Mod. Donner has really stepped up their game in 2017 in terms of build quality and design.  These … Read more