Boss BD-2 Blues Driver Pedal

BOSS BD-2 Blues Driver Review – A Classic For a Reason!

Boss BD-2 Blues Driver: A Classic for a Reason!

The Boss BD-2 Blues Driver is a legendary overdrive pedal that has established itself as a staple in the arsenal of countless guitarists, from blues enthusiasts to rock and beyond.  Renowned for its warm, smooth, and expressive tone, the BD-2 delivers a classic bluesy crunch that brings out the soul and emotion in your playing.

In this review, we will explore the features of the Boss BD-2 Blues Driver, its versatility, and various ways to utilize it to create a wide range of classic overdrive tones.  The Blues Driver is a great pedal for clean or crunch channel amplifiers.

Ethics Disclaimer

The BOSS BD-2 was on loan from my local music shop.  I didn’t get to keep it; no money changed hands, and all thoughts about this pedal are mine.  This is not a sponsored review.  You can support the website by using the affiliate link in this post below.

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Features and Design

The Boss BD-2 Blues Driver features a sturdy and compact design, consistent with Boss’s reputation for building durable pedals.  It’s familiar bright blue housing with bright yellow labeling is instantly recognizable, and the intuitive control layout allows for easy operation.  The pedal includes four main controls: Level, Tone, Gain, and a highly responsive Drive knob.

The Level control adjusts the overall volume output, while the Tone knob alters the tonal characteristics, enabling you to shape the brightness or darkness of your sound.  The Gain control determines the amount of overdrive saturation, while the Drive knob adds a distinctive crunch, ranging from a mild breakup to a searing lead tone.

Versatility and Tonal Range

While the name suggests a focus on blues tones, the Boss BD-2 Blues Driver is far from limited to a single genre.  Its versatility allows it to excel in various styles, including blues, rock, country, and jazz.

The pedal’s ability to add just the right amount of gain while preserving the natural dynamics of your playing is one of its greatest strengths.  With the Gain and Drive controls, you can achieve everything from a smooth, creamy overdrive for subtle blues licks to a more aggressive, distorted tone for hard rock riffs.

Boss Blues Driver BD-2 Controls
Boss Blues Driver BD-2 Controls – Level, Tone, and Gain

Ways to Use the BD-2 Blues Driver

Here are four ways to use the BOSS Blues Driver pedal.

1.  Classic Blues Tones

The BD-2’s sweet spot is recreating those timeless blues tones.  Set the Gain and Drive controls at moderate levels to achieve a smooth, dynamic breakup reminiscent of vintage tube amps.  Experiment with the Tone knob to find the perfect balance of warmth and clarity, and you’ll be able to coax soulful, singing blues phrases with ease.

2.  Boost and Lead Tone

The BD-2 can also be used as a boost pedal, pushing the front end of an already overdriven tube amp into harmonic bliss.  Set the Level control high, keep the Gain and Drive low, and let the pedal add a touch of sustain and sparkle to your solos.  Whether aiming for classic rock leads or fusion-inspired licks, the BD-2 can help your guitar soar.

3.  Transparent Drive

If you prefer to maintain the character of your amplifier while adding some grit, the BD-2 shines as a transparent overdrive.  Set the Gain and Drive controls low, and adjust the Level and Tone knobs to match your desired tonal balance.  This way, you can achieve a natural, vintage-like overdrive without overpowering the original character of your amp.

4.  Layering and Texture

The BD-2 can be an excellent tool for texturing and layering your sound.  You can create complex and harmonically rich tones by stacking it with other overdrive or distortion pedals.  Try running a mild setting on the BD-2 before a heavier distortion pedal, or experiment with running the BD-2 into a slightly driven tube amp for added depth and dimension.

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BOSS BD-2 or Boss BD-2 Waza Craft?

Compare the Boss BD-2 and BD2 Waza Craft for their unique features and tonal qualities before deciding based on personal preferences.

Boss BD-2w Waza Craft

The Boss BD2 Waza Craft is part of Boss’s premium Waza Craft line, which offers enhanced build quality, refined circuits, and meticulous craftsmanship.  It is a refined version of the BD-2, aiming to provide improved sound and performance.

The BD2 Waza Craft retains the same basic control layout as the original but introduces key enhancements.  It has a wider gain range, allowing for more versatility in tonal shaping.  The Waza Craft edition also offers increased clarity and smoother response, providing a more detailed and transparent overdrive.

The BD2 Waza Craft is more expensive; if you’re playing live, you might not notice the differences.

Blues Driver BD-2w vs. Blues Driver BD-2 Video

Choosing the BD-2 or BD-2w Waza Craft depends on your preferences and budget.  If you’re primarily interested in achieving classic blues tones and value affordability, the BD-2 is an excellent choice.  It’s tried-and-true design and legendary status make it a reliable option for capturing vintage-inspired overdrive.

On the other hand, if you have a higher budget and desire a pedal with enhanced tonal characteristics, improved clarity, and refined craftsmanship, the BD2 Waza Craft may be the better option for you.  It offers an upgraded sound and a wider range of gain options, making it suitable for a broader range of musical styles.

Ultimately, trying both pedals, if possible, is recommended to determine which one best matches your desired tonal qualities and playing style.  Each pedal has its own sonic character; personal preference will play a significant role in your decision-making process.  One isn’t better or worse than the other, but the standard BD-2 is the best value.

BOSS BD-2 Blues Driver Downsides

My only small critique of the Blues Driver is that it can be too bright with some guitar and amplifier combinations.  The extra treble works great for humbuckers and warmer-sounding amplifiers but can be too sharp on some single-coil guitars.  The tone control is versatile enough to dial out most ice-pick tones if you find them too bright.  This is not a deal-breaker in my experience.

Final Thoughts

The Boss BD-2 Blues Driver is a popular overdrive pedal among guitarists who aim to achieve classic blues tones, adaptable crunch, and dynamic expression.  Its compact build, user-friendly controls, and impressive tonal versatility make it a valuable asset to any guitarist’s pedalboard.

Boss BD-2 Blues Driver enhances your musical performance.  Whether you love blues or classic rock or want a pedal that can produce great overdriven tones, the BD-2 is perfect.

It’s versatile enough to adapt to any musical style and can help you capture the true essence of the blues.  Every guitarist looking to develop their skills should consider adding this amazing tool to their collection.

Boss is one of the best inexpensive pedal brands on the market.  While they are not “cheap,” they are far less expensive than many boutique builders.   If you want something different, check out my overdrive pedal reviews.

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