Two Notes Torpedo Live Review

Two Notes Torpedo Live Review

The Two Notes Live is a digital load box.  If you’re not sure what that means read on.  Recording electric guitar has always been loud and sometimes too loud.  What this box does is takes a full load of your 8-ohm guitar amplifier and bypass the speaker.  From there you can choose from a number of digital and referenced cab and microphone choices.  The unit even goes so far to allow mic placement as well so you can get the close mic sound or the room mic sound.  The Two Notes Live can hold up to 32 cabinets and 8 microphones.  This unit can also be used as a direct feed to a mixer for live performances without the volume issues.

Two Notes Torpedo Live Review


  • No acoustic/room noise when recording.
  • Full Tube tone of your amplifier.
  • Can be used at home in a studio or live into a mixer.
  • You’re able to get consistent results each and every time you record.
  • Space effective rack unit (1 RU).

Two Notes Live – The Best Recording Option.

There’s a number of options available for home and studio recording but after trying many of them the Two Notes Live unit has become my favorite by a mile.  I’ve had a Randall Isolation Cabinet, an AxeTrak isolation box, and a THD Hot Plate power attenuation device.   Each of these units are good at what they do but they aren’t perfect.  The AxeTrak was to small and boxy sounding, the Randall Isolation cabinet was good but was still too loud at certain times of the evening to record without bugging the neighbors, and the THD hot plate is really good but it still requires you to mic up your amp.

The Two Notes Live has all the microphones you could possibly want in a studio situation mixed with the actual sound of your amp.  Having different cabinets and speakers at your disposal will give you better results than using a microphone is front of your amplifier especially if you can’t turn it up.

Who is this for?

  • Home and Studio Producers
  • YouTube pedal reviews
  • Being able to get the tone of your favorite amplifier direct to a PA without any traditional speaker volume
  • While this unit is not dirt cheap, it will save you a lot of money on cabinets and expensive microphones
  • People who love to tweak technology to get stellar results


Rating 4.9/5

Overall this is the unit I have been waiting for in terms of home recording, YouTube videos, and more.  It allows me to you use my amps, get the sound I want, swap microphones, move microphone placement, and most importantly record at home at any time of the day or night without annoying anyone.  The only downside I see to this unit is it could be out of many peoples price point.  That said, if you’re serious about recording and productivity and don’t want to fiddle around with VST software and plugging in 3 different things to get similar results, this is the best unit I have tried at what it does.  The other positive is once you save your presets to the unit, you can use it without it being directly recorded to your computer which makes it perfect for live gigs where you want to keep the noise down.

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