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Joe Barden Danny Gatton Telecaster Pickups Review

Joe Barden Danny Gatton Telecaster Pickups Review

I’ve had a chance to use a lot of pickups over the years ranging from various single coil pickups to several noiseless pickups.  The Joe Barden Danny Gatton Telecaster pickups are simply amazing and they are never coming out of my guitar.

Tone:  One thing that sets these pickups apart from Fender noiseless pickups, for example, is the tone.  These actually sound great.  They respond well to your pick attack and have no ice-pick frequencies on the high end.  They sound round and full on the lows and basically perform as well as any single coil pickup I have used.

Benefits of the Joe Barden Pickups:

  • Your Telecaster will still sound like a Telecaster.
  • Works great either totally clean, with low/medium gain, or flat out distortion.
  • No vintage “squeal” when loading them up with higher gain tones.

Downsides of the Joe Barden Pickups

One of the only things I can see people not digging initially is the rail style pickup design for hardcore Tele-fans.  For me, I love the design and they look great with the black pickguard. These pickups are not cheap either so you’ll be breaking out the credit card to get a set.

I’ve now had these pickups in and out of my Telecaster 3 times. I tried going back to single coils because I felt like I was maybe missing out on something. The only thing I was missing out on was the buzz.  I don’t miss the buzz and these pickups will be my guitar until the end of time.

What about Zexcoil noiseless pickups?

Zexcoil pickups are great. I feel the Zexcoil sound is more suited towards a Stratocaster than a Telecaster.  I also feel like the Joe Barden pickups aren’t the best choice for a Stratocaster.  So if you’re on the Fence about what to get here’s a 2-second guide:

  • If you own a Telecaster get the Joe Barden pickups.
  • Stratocaster players should go for the Zexcoil pickups.

Zexcoils are 100% noiseless either you need to make sure you’re getting the correct set.  All of the Joe Barden pickups are 100% noiseless so if the buzz is a problem, you’ve got the perfect pickups for the Telecaster.