Flamma FX10 Headphone Amplifier Review | $79 and Awesome!

Flamma FX10 Headphone Amplifier Review

This is a review of the Flamma FX10 headphone amplifier. This digital modeling amplifier in a tiny box is reminiscent of the Boss Katana, Fender Mustang, or Kemper amplifier. There are plenty of built-in amplifiers and effects to keep most enthusiasts happy. This is extremely similar to the Fender Mustang Micro I reviewed a while back (see review link).

Flamma FX10 Headphone Amplifier in White
Flamma FX10 Headphone Amplifier in White


What the Flamma FX10 Headphone Amplifier Can Do

The Flamma FX10 is a fully integrated headphone amplifier that gives you a selection of amplifiers and effects. The FX10 is a great practice tool that can output sound via headphones or run a 3.5mm audio jack into a sound card or mixer. In my review video (below), I directly showcase how great the FX10 sounds into my sound card.

What the Flamma FX10 can do!
What the Flamma FX10 can do!


Why Should You Get a Headphone Practice Amp?

Headphone amplifiers are great tools. Not only do they sound great, but they also offer a wide range of tones you can take with you on the go. As a result, headphone amps are great for late-night practice, recording, or travel situations where a practice amplifier is less practical. 

Flamma FX10 Headphone Amp
Flamma FX10 Headphone: Quiet Practice Amplifier with excellent tones


Built-in Amplifiers, Effects, and Features

The Flamma FX10 features 14 unique amplifier models. Additionally, there are 14 built-in effects and a 5-level tone selection. The tone selection will take any amplifier preset you choose and go from a warmer sound to a brighter sound with more treble depending on the preset.

Tones range from Fender clean tones to Marshall classic Rock sounds, through to high gain Boogie and Soldano amps.

Flamma FX10 Headphone Amp Amps and Effects List
Flamma FX10 Headphone Amp Amps and Effects List



Drum Grooves, Time Signatures, and Tap-Tempo

Furthermore, the FX10 features 28 drum groove options with the ability to tap the tempo of the groove to get the desired speed.

In addition, the Flamma FX10 works with Bluetooth for music, audio playback, and USB audio recording! These features are amazing, considering this unit is only $79.

The Flamma FX10 has a built-in rechargeable 720mAh battery that is charged via a USB-C cable (included). Battery life is rated at 4 hours. After testing the FX10, the battery life rating is very accurate.

Flamma FX10 Headphone Amp Drum Machine
Flamma FX10 Headphone Amp Drum Machine


Flamma FX10 Amp Colors and Models

The Flamma FX10 comes in three colors. These three colors are the same model with the same features and sounds. You can choose between white, black, and camouflage.

Flamma FX10 available in three colors
Flamma FX10 is available in three colors.


Guitars Tested with the FX10

One complaint with wireless packs is that they don’t always fit every guitar. While this is not a wireless pack, I wondered if it suffered the same issue. Thankfully, it does not suffer issues connecting to the following guitars. I’ve tested the FX10 with a Fender Stratocaster, Fender Telecaster, Gibson Flying V, Tokai Love Rock (Les Paul-style), and Charvel San Dimas. All of these guitars worked fine with the Flamma FX10, and I had no issues with it coming loose. Unless you have an uncommon electric guitar or low-tension socket, you should be able to fit this unit easily to your guitar’s input jack without moving around too much. 

Flamma FX10 Headphone Amplifier Solid Connection
Flamma FX10 Headphone Amplifier Solid Connection



Flamma FX10 Headphone Amplifier Video Review

Check out my detailed review of the Flamma FX10 headphone amplifier below.

If you like what you hear, use the links below to pick one up. 

Walmart | Thomann | Amazon UK |Amazon AU | Amazon De |  Amazon Canada


Build Quality

The Build quality of the Flamma FX10 is solid. Comparing this headphone amplifier to many wireless packs I’ve tested over the years, the Flamma gets the win. The plastic body is solid and feels good in the hand. Additionally, the volume wheel and USB-C port both feel solid and reliable. Furthermore, the buttons you select the tones from are high-tension, feel awesome, and are responsive.

The jack portion has no issues staying put in any of the guitars I have tested this with. Overall for what it is, it’s built great. The FX10 only weighs 59 grams and is easily thrown into a gig back, backpack or pocket without weighing anything down.  This headphone amp is super-lightweight and is reminiscent of guitar wireless packs. 

Flamma FX10 Headphone Amplifier Build Quality
Flamma FX10 Headphone Amplifier Build Quality

Flamma FX10 vs. Fender Mustang Micro

If you are wondering which is better, the Fender Mustang MIcro or Flamma FX10, this section is for you. If you already own the Mustang Micro, stick with it. The benefit of Flamma is that it can record via USB. This recording option is more versatile than the Mustang but not overall better. The Mustang Micro is a great headphone amplifier.

Price to performance the Flamma FX10 is better value than the Fender Mustang Micro, but I would expect that being that the largest guitar company makes the Fender option on the planet. Both are made in China and are similar in button placement and audio, amp, and effects options.

Build quality-wise, both of these headphone amplifiers are very similar. It’s been a long time since I checked out the Fender Mustang Micro, and it’s a solid piece of gear. 


Final Review

Overall, the Flamma FX10 is one of the best guitar products I’ve tested and reviewed in 2023.  This will be in my annual end-of-year wrap-up review video.  This headphone amp sounds great, it’s functional, and it’s perfect for practice or recording.  Furthermore, it’s only $79 while filming and writing this review.  Check it out using the links below.  Thanks for visiting my site. 

Walmart | Thomann | Amazon UK |Amazon AU | Amazon De |  Amazon Canada