What is the Best Pedal for a Fender Twin?

Best Pedal for a Fender Twin

What is the Best Pedal for a Fender Twin?

Here is a list of 20 great pedals for a Fender Twin Amplifier. Finding the right pedal for a Fender Twin is a very opened ended question.  I will give you some great pedals to start researching with but I urge you trust your own ears. This list will give you several different options to choose from as a starting point. There are a million overdrive and distortion pedals on the market today. For those new to pedals, I believe this list will give you a great list to check out.  This list of pedals will cover mid to higher end pedal perfect for a Fender Twin Amplifier.

Best Blues Overdrive Pedals for Fender Twin

  • The Maxon OD808 or Ibanez Tubscreamer.  I am grouping these two pedals together because they are exactly the same tone wise.  An Ibanez Tubescreamer is a rebranded Maxon Overdrive 808.
  • The Chellee Ponyboy.  The Chellee Ponyboy is a clone of the Klon Centaur.  The difference is, the Ponyboy is only a fraction of the price and is easily available. Another good option for this tone would be the Wampler Tumnus.
  • BOSS OD-3 Overdrive.  The BOSS OD-3 is a great overdrive pedal if you don’t want your overall tone to change too much.
  • BOSS Blues Driver. The BOSS Blues driver is an iconic pedal for a reason – it works.  While I don’t think the Blues Driver is a great pedal for lead guitar, it works great for rhythm tones.  You could then stack something like a Tubscreamer or Ponyboy into it for lead tones.
  • The Fulltone Plimsoul.  If you’re into a modern blues sound you’ll get a kick out of this.
  • The VS Audio Royal Flush.  Possibly the best dual overdrive pedal of all time. I like it more than the King of Tone.  Definitely check it out.
  • Crazy Tube Circuits Stardust.  This is my favourite pedal for a Fender Stratocaster.  If you haven’t heard one before take a listen.  The Greeks make arguably the best pedals in the World now.
  • The Danelectro Pride of Texas. If you like SRV, you’ll love the Pride of Texas.
  • SviSound OverZoid Pedal.  One of the best amp-like overdrive pedals ever. Period!

The Best Rock Distortion Pedals for a Fender Twin

  • The Danelectro Cash Cow.  The Danelectro Cashcow is an absolute beast! Turn it on and get musical distortion for days.  Not only that these pedals aren’t very expensive so they are worth checking out.
  • The Greenchild Valve Reaper. Handmade in the USA the Valve Reaper is a pedal that will do overdrive to distortion.  I think it sounds best once you get into distortion territory.  This pedal is great for both lead and rhythm parts.
  • Violine Distortion by BIzarre Engineering. Made in Portugal, the Violine will cover almost every flavour of distortion and overdrive.
  • The Fulltone OCD Pedal. This is a classic for a reason, it works great!  The only downside of this pedal is there’s a top end frequency that is sometimes a bit hard to dial out but a lot of people love it.
  • Rowin LEF-324 Plexion Distortion.  While this is considered an inexpensive pedal, have a listen to it because it’s simply stunning.
  • PEDAL FX PAL 800. Quite possibly the ultimate Marshall in a box distortion pedal.  This is designed to go straight into the front end of the amplifier and will give you JCM-800 type tones.  If you’re into the Marshall sound then this a great option.

The Best Fuzz Pedals for a Fender Twin

  • The Big Muff from Electro-Harmonix.  It’s a classic and it does a big wall of fuzz type tone.  If this is your style check it out.
  • Dazatronyx Big Fuzz.  This is maybe the most fun you can have with a higher gain fuzz pedal. The Dazatronyx fuzz pedal is made in Australia and if you like the Big Muff, check this one out.
  • SviSound FuzzoZoid.  SviSound pedals are made in Bulgaria by Mark.  Not only do his pedals look amazing they also sound great.  The FuzzoZoid isn’t as full on as the first two on the list so if you want a fuzz with less gain this is a great choice.
  • Crazy Tube Circuits Starlight Liquid Fuzz.  If you like fuzz pedals with huge sustain this is a really great choice.  It’s a mix of Fuzz and Distortion in all the good ways.

There’s no right or wrong when choosing pedals.  In the end, it comes down to what you like the sound of. I’ve given you a lot of great starting points to find the perfect overdrive, distortion, or fuzz for your Fender Twin.  All the pedals listed in this article I have had a chance to own or test personally.

A Fender Twin is a really great pedal platform amplifier because it has such high headroom.  If you own a Fender Twin check out the pedals listed and trust your ears to what you like best.