Behringer XD8USB Drum Kit Review

Behringer XD8USB Drum Kit Review

First let me state that I am a guitarist primarily.  I also play bass and dabble on the drums but the drums would be the weakest of the three instruments.  I’ve always loved drums, great beats, and cool rhythms with the exception of one thing – acoustic drums are loud!  With this in mind, I wanted to improve my skills without annoying the neighbors and an electronic kit would be the best choice.  I didn’t want to spend a fortune either so I figured I’d try the new Behringer XD8USB Drum Kit.  The other main reason I wanted an electronic kit is for ease of recording drum tracks that I could use on future guitar pedal demos on YouTube.

The video below of the Behringer XD8USB Drum Kit shows you all the different stock sounds that are built into the unit which include acoustic and electronic sounding kits.

Set up time

The XD8USB took about 1 hour to set up fully from the moment I started unpacking it.  The instructions were decent but not great.  The hardest part to assemble is the frame section of the kit.  In the end I found using the box as as a guide for how to set it up once I had all the parts loosely assembled.

Sound Quality

Overall the sound quality of the kit is great.  There’s a few snare sounds on the lower numbered kit presets that sounded a bit average but between 12-15 the kits sound great.  There’s a mix of acoustic and techno sounding drum kits which are all usable and fun.  The snare has a dual trigger section on it so you can get a regular snare hit as well as a rim-shot hit.

Velocity and Touch Sensitivity

How hard you hit the pads determines how much of the particular sound you’ll hear.  If you hit hard, you’ll get a full round round that’s loud and if you hit softer it will be a softer touch sound much like a real drum kit.  I haven’t had any issues with the kit recognizing a hit on any particular pad, it seems to do a great job keeping up with my noodling. 🙂


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The Behringer XD8USB is a great kit for me, I love it so far.  I am using it to record backing tracks for YouTube so I can play guitar over them.  Being that this is it’s main use, I expect it to be perfect for my particular application.  It sounds great with headphones and can be also used a Midi-Kit for VST software which I haven’t been able to work out yet.  Overall this is a great kit.  Check out the Behringer XD8USB on Sweetwater the best price.

Behringer XD8USB Drum Kit Review

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