VS Audio Royal Flush Dual Overdrive Pedal Review

Royal Flush Dual Overdrive Pedal

VS Audio Royal Flush Dual Overdrive Pedal Review

The Royal Flush dual overdrive pedal from VS audio is my favorite dual overdrive pedal ever.  To put it simply both channels in this pedal are awesome. Not only can the channels be used on their own with extremely good results they sound killer stacked.

Both sides of the Royal Flush are very similar except the left side of the pedal has more gain.  So you could essentially set the pedal up for off-clean and then a solo tone or you can use it as I use it which is leave the right side on and use the left as a volume boost.

What I like about the Royal Flush

What I really like about this pedal is it retains a lot of the character of your guitar and amplifier but what it adds it adds in a musical way.  It cuts the mix no problems without sounding like your tone has dramatically changed but if you wind up the gain it really get overdriven and thick!

Power Requirements

The pedal runs on 9v so you can power it with just about any regular 9v power supply.  The pedal does look pretty unique but doesn’t let the graphics put you off, this is a total beast of tonal proportions.

The videos below show both myself and Ric using the VS Audio Royal Flush overdrive pedal with different guitars and rigs.