Vox Headphone Amplifier AmPlug Review

Vox Headphone Amplifier AmPlug Review

This is the VOX AC30 Headphone amplifier (amPlug).  This micro-sized device plugs directly into your guitar allowing you to monitor the sound in your headphones.  This is a handy device while travelling, playing at night or  not annoying your family/house mates.  It really captures the VOX AC30 tone and could also be used for direct recording.   The VOX AC30 Headphone Amplifier has 3 controls – a Volume, Gain and Tone Control allowing a variety of tones and sounds.  The video above has been recorded directly from the guitar into a mixer then into my computer sound card and sounds full and rich considering what the sound is actually coming out of.

The amPlug Twin rolls back the years to capture the sound of the legendary clean American dual speaker combo tube amp. Noted for its sparkling and sustained clean sound, this amp has been is widely used in many genres – rock, blues, jazz, country, and more. Raising the gain provides a powerful American tube overdrive sound. A stereo chorus effect is built into the amPlug Twin, adding natural spaciousness and depth to the sound. As you play these sounds, you’re sure to forget the passage of time, and lose yourself in the tones loved by musicians in styles such as jazz, country, and blues.

Check out the full selection of Vox AmPLug units on the Vox Website.

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