Two Rock Studio Pro 22 Guitar Amplifier Review

Two-Rock Studio Pro 22 Guitar Amplifier Review

The first video is a review of the amplifier and the second video is a playtest demo.  The Two-Rock company make awesome hand wired amplifiers and the tone of the units speak for themselves.  The Two-Rock Studio Pro 22 is a big step up from the majority of amplifiers I have owned in the past.  It has thick low mids, really nice smooth lows and the top end is fantastic. The Studio Pro 22 never borders on shrill or harsh.

I first heard about the Two-Rock Amplifiers when I watched John Mayer play live. The Two-Rock amps have a Dumble-like quality to them but still sounded really bluesy and musical.  I love the fact the amplifier on its own is more capable than anything else I’ve had in the past even with pedals driving the overdrive tones.

Two-Rock Studio Pro 22

Initially, when I went to test the Two-Rock Studio Pro 22, I thought to myself “How much better than my ’65 Fender Deluxe Reverb will this be?”.  Have them both side by side the Two-Rock wiped the floor with the fender.  Not to say the Fender doesn’t sound great, because it does.  The Two-Rock felt a lot louder and fuller sounding than the ’65 Deluxe Reverb.

These amps are in a league of their own. I would put this in the same league as the Victoria Amplifiers, Dr Z, and several other hand-wired amps.

I first noticed my “Thick low mids” were missing when I was playing a VOX AC-15 and my friend Ric was playing his 12 Watt Fender Eric Clapton Tremolux Amplifier.  His really jumped out and sounded thick and warm while the frequency of mine sounded scooped.

Every amp brand is different when it comes to tube amps, it takes time to find one you really enjoy.  I’ve had so many amps it feels good to find something that has been a real cut above the rest.

Two-Rock Studio Pro 22 Amplifier Video Review

Two-Rock Studio Pro 22 Amplifier Demo