Top 5 Left handed guitars

My Top 5 Left Handed Electric Guitars

My Top 5 Electric Guitars I Played at Jerry’s Lefty Guitars

In the last six years, I’ve been to Jerry’s lefty guitars in Sarasota Florida three times to film.  The last time I was there I manage to play not only some really great new guitars but lots of vintage instruments as well.  Jerry’s left guitars is a really great place for finding left-handed electric and acoustic guitars.  There’s not a single right-handed guitar insight which makes it a perfect place for me.

My last trip to Jerry’s lefty guitars was in 2017.  The video included in this article was for my five favourite electric guitars I played at Jerry’s.  This is both a mix of new and used instruments and as a couple in there that I didn’t expect to fall in love with as much as I did hope you like this video.

Here is the list for my Top 5 Electric Guitars I played at Jerry’s Lefty Guitars.

G&L ASAT Classic Blues Boy Left Handed Guitar
G&L ASAT Classic Blues Boy Left Handed Guitar

G&L ASAT Blues Boy Classic in Black Ice:

This is the one guitar I definitely should’ve purchased.  For what I play in the style of music, I’m into this would’ve been the ideal guitar.  I love the pickup combination having a humbucker in the neck and a single coil bridge pick up means I’m gonna get the best of both worlds when it comes to a Telecaster and something that can also handle a little bit of gain.  The colour of the guitar looked awesome as well and it was very different from any other G&L I’ve seen in person.  Overall these are wonderful guitars and they sounded wild.

Dean Flying V Left Handed Guitar
Dean Flying V Left Handed Guitar

Dean Flying V (1984):

The dean flying V is an absolute tome machine.  Not only did it feel really great to play and had maybe the best sustain out of an electric guitar I’ve ever played.  Visually I really dig the top and the colour but I’m not a huge fan of Floyd Rose style tuning setups.  In terms of flying V’s, I’ve never played another one that had this kind of liveliness to it the tone really speaks for itself.  Most people know that Gibson and Epiphone produce flying V’s but I am not sure how many people think of Dean Guitars.  Maybe they should?

MusicMan Axis Left Handed Guitar
MusicMan Axis Super Sport Left Handed Guitar

Music Man Axis Super Sport:

The Music Man Axis guitars are highly underrated. I don’t see them getting as much love online as a lot of other brands.  This is probably a price issue as they are expensive instruments.  Price is a subjective thing just like tone.  Some people find value in some things and not in others.  For me, this guitar ticks a lot of boxes.  Not only is it really nice to look at it sounded great! I really liked the P90 pickups and just how easy the instrument played.

Suhr Shoreline Gold Telecater
Suhr Classic T Shoreline Gold Left Handed Guitar

Suhr Classic T in Shoreline Gold:

This guitar was fantastic. I had never played one of these before this trip to Jerry’s Lefty Guitars and I could have easily purchased this alongside the Blues Boy I mentioned above. What made this guitar one of my favourites was how great it sounded mixed with how easy it was to play.  The humbucker pickups ticked a lot of boxes for me in terms of what I like.  The shoreline gold colour was also very impressive, to say the least. Suhr makes quality instruments and this went well above and beyond a lot of Fender guitars I’ve played.

Nik Huber Orca 59 Left Handed Guitar
Nik Huber Orca ’59 Left Handed Guitar

Nick Huber Orca ’59:

This is maybe the best electric guitar I have ever played.  Before I knew how expensive the Nik Huber guitars were, I knew I loved this.  There was no way I could have afforded to bring this home with me but maybe one day.  The pickups are better than any Gibson Les Paul I have ever heard and the build quality is phenomenal.  Nik Huber really does make the best guitars in the World.  If you have a spare $8000-$10000 give them a shot.

Left Handed Guitarists

If you’re a left-handed guitarist check out the playlist below.  These are all guitars found at Jerry’s Lefty Guitars.



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