Press Release: Harley Benton Spaceship PowerBar Series

Harley Benton Spaceship Power Pedalboard

Harley Benton Spaceship PowerBar Series A new range of powered pedalboards has arrived from Harley Benton! This new Spaceship PowerBar series is a great all-in-one solution for those wanting a pedalboard and power supply solution. If you are unfamiliar with this brand, I recently reviewed the Harley Benton 25th Anniversary Fusion T electric guitar (see … Read more

Vangoa VPPD-S Pedalboard Review – How Good is it?

Vangoa VPPD-S Pedalboard Review

Vangoa VPPD-S Pedalboard Review In today’s review, we are checking out an affordable all-in-one pedalboard from the folks over at Vangoa.  This is the Vangoa VPPD-S pedalboard.  I will also compare this new pedalboard to my beloved and almost worn-out pedal train mini.    Disclaimer Before we get started a huge thanks to Vangoa for … Read more

Pedaltrain Junior Pedalboard Review

Pedaltrain Junior Pedalboard Review Pedaltrain has become a household name in terms of pedalboards.  You’ll see them everywhere, in all sizes and in all shapes.  The Pedaltrain Junior is my second pedalboard as I previously had a Pedaltrain PT3 which did  fine job, but was too large for my “stripped down” pedal setup. Pedaltrain comes … Read more