Fender Champion 20

Fender Champion 20 Amplifier Review

Fender Champion 20 Amplifier Review This is the new Fender Champion 20 Guitar Amplifier.  It features 20 watts of power and a single 8″ Fender Special Design speaker. It’s the perfect home or bedroom practice amplifier.  It has very usable settings and from which the Blackface amp models were easily my favourites.  Much like a Blues

DV Mark 40 112 40 Watt Guitar Amplifier Review

DV Mark 112 Guitar Amplifier Combo Video 1 of 2 In this demo the guitar amplifier is running in Triode Mode If you’re in Australia go down to the Rock Garage in Ferntree Gully, VIC and check em out! They were nice enough to let me demo this unit. The Rock Garage Official DV Mark