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Donner Verb Square Reverb Pedal Review

The Donner Verb Square might be the best value for money reverb pedal on the market.  This pedal features 7 different modes which include Room, Hall, Church, Spring, Plate, Studio, and Mod. Donner has really stepped up their game in 2017 in terms of build quality and design.  These new Donner “Square” series mini-pedals are…
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Rowin LEF-601B Distortion Pedal Review

Rowin LEF-601B Distortion Pedal Review It’s no surprise with the amount of people making pedals in Asia that eventually there’d be something so good it just leaves you scratching your head.  The Rowin pedals are a micro-sized pedal much like Exotic, Mooer, and Donner but feature not only awesome tone, but also high build quality.…
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