Supro Royal Reverb Amplifier Review


Supro Royal Reverb Amplifier Review

The Supro Royal Reverb amplifier is a fantastic amp! It’s easily one of the best I have ever tried.  I know this might sound like a big statement but it’s true.  I would honestly rate this up there with my Fender 65 Super Reverb amplifier.  The Royal Reverb has a sound I can only describe as “Fender on Steroids”.  If you like amps like the Super Reverb and wished it was fatter and rounder sounding then this amp can do that in spades.

The Supro Royal reverb features 2 x 10″ speakers but don’t let that fool you if you’re a 12″ speaker fan, this amp is thick and juicy sounding.  Another fantastic feature is the on-board power settings.  You can run the amp in 35, 45, and 60 watt mode.


  • Switchable Class-A (35 Watts) or Class-AB (45 / 60 Watts)Supro Royal Reverb Review
  • Independent BASS and TREBLE controls
  • All-tube reverb
  • Output-tube tremolo
  • Tube or Silicon Rectifier
  • 6L6 power tubes
  • 2×10 Supro CR10 speaker
  • 5U4 Tube Rectifier
  • Blue Rhino Hide tolex
  • Assembled in NY, USA


The Reverb is lush and warm sounding and can only be compared again to the nice reverb of Fender amps.  The tremolo on this amp is by far the nicest I’ve heard it does what every other amp and pedal is trying to emulate. The tremolo is simply fantastic.