Rowin Overdrive Pedal

Rowin Overdrive Pedal LEF-602B Review

Rowin Overdrive Pedal LEF-602B Review

I was sent the Rowin Overdrive pedal from the good folk at Swamp Industries to review and demo on YouTube.  It seems that good things do come in small packages, and this pedal is no exception.  It has two different modes thanks to the large two way toggle switch in the middle which selects either “warm” or “hot” mode.  This allows you to get a perfect tone for both rhythm and lead guitar playing as well as tailor your sound to the type of guitar you play.

If you set this up on the “hot” mode, it will be bridge pickup, single coil heaven! It also sounds great for humbucker guitars as well, but on the neck pickups you’ll need to turn up the tone control pretty far to the right to get the right amount of cut.  This mode extends the lower-mid frequencies of the pedal to fatten things up (thus perfect for bridge pickups).

In regular “warm” mode, the pedal is perfect as a boost pedal or as your main overdrive tone depending on how far you wind up the volume and gain.  On warm mode, the pedals is low to medium gain, which is what a lot of blues purists tend to lean towards.

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I’ve given this pedal a 4.6/5 star rating.  This Rowin Overdrive pedal is built well, it sounds great, it looks super cool and best of all it works well on all the guitars I’ve tried it with.  Having the two modes is a real plus.

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