Little Crow Corvinho SD Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar Review

Little Crow Corvinho SD Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar Review

This is the new Little Crow Corvino SD Electric Guitar from Dave & Viv at little Crow Guitars in Perth, Western Australia. I dubbed it the “blues machine” when I first received it because it was the best blues tone I’ve ever had.


  • Body: Mountain Ash with Hard Rock Maple top and white binding
  • Neck: Mountain Ash with Hard Rock Maple fretboard (22 medium jumbo frets and 2 way Truss Rod)
  • Finish: Nitrocellulose lacquer with translucent black color
  • Tuners: Grover Rotomatics Bridge: Gotoh modern Telecaster
  • Pickups: Matched pair of Mick Brierley Tele bridge and mini-humbucker neck Controls:
  • Volume: CTS 250K pot with treble bleed circuit Tone Control: CTS 250K pot with Sprague Orange cap (0.047m) Switch: 3 way

Sounds fantastic.  Dave and Viv have really stepped it up on this new version of the Little Crow Corvinho SD.  It feels great in the hand and the pickups sound fantastic.  This is easily one of the nicest Australian made guitars I have come across.

Check out the official Little Crow Guitars website or find them on Facebook.

In the video review below I am playing through a Fender Super-Sonic 60 on the Burn Channel.

Favorite Guitar Tones

The Little Crow Corvinho SD is one of the few guitars I have ever played whereby I can’t make a clear decision on which pickup tone I like the best.  The neck pickup has a nice snap to it while the bridge pickup is 100% Telecaster.  Even the middle (noise free) position sounds fantastic for rhythm tones.  The majority of my solos start on the neck pickup and then I usually flick it straight over to the bridge pickup for more sting.

The pickups are Mick Brierley pickups and they are matched set so their output is very comparable on both the neck mini-humbucker and the bridge (Tele’) Pickup.