The Klon KTR versus the Wampler Tumnus

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The Klon KTR versus the Wampler Tumnus

Klon vs Tumnus Overdrive Pedal

The Klon KTR versus the Wampler Tumnus

In this video I compare the Klon KTR versus the Wampler Tumnus overdrive pedal. The Klon KTR is the newest  version of the infamous Klon Centaur overdrive pedal.  The Tumnus crams most of the tones from the KTR into a much smaller box.  I say “most” because the Tumnus is different.  It also adds a little extra as well. What the Tumnus adds is low end and what it lacks is a buffer switch which is what might sway you one way or the other.  To my understanding the Tumnus is true bypass while the KTR can either be true or buffered bypass.

The Tumnus saves a lot space thanks to the smaller footprint but the jacks are on the side where as on the Klon they are on the top.  Top sided jacks offer the advantage of space saving too because you can literally bunch pedals together.  That said though, I think the Tumnus would still save at least one half of the space even with the side jacks.

As I mentioned tonally they are basically the same except the Tumnus has more low end.  In a live band situation, the low end is sometimes lost in the mix.

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