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Joyo Sweet Baby Overdrive Pedal Review

Joyo Sweet Baby Overdrive Pedal Review

This video demo review is for the Sweet Baby Overdrive Pedal by Joyo.

The Sweet Baby Overdrive is a really nice sounding overdrive pedal. It was $45.00AU and compared to much more expensive pedals for tone and sound.  First thing first, it sounds 99% as good as the KLON KTR at least with the tests we did! I really couldn’t hear the difference, even in a blind test we failed to pick the KLON 50% of the time.

The video demo below is the KLON KTR vs the Sweet Baby Overdrive! Can you hear the difference?!

[usr 4.9] For the price, Joyo hit the nail on the head with this one.  Not only does it work great for every guitar I tried it with, it’s built well, it looks cool and in a blind test we did with a Klon, you could hardly tell a difference when pushing an already dirty amplifier.  If you’re looking for a pedal that only adds nice tone check it out.

The offical site for Joyo Sweet Baby Overdrive Pedal or Check out the Joyo JF-36 “Sweet Baby” Overdrive Pedal on Amazon