Joyo DC-15S Guitar Amplifier Review

Joyo DC-15S Guitar Amplifier ReviewThis is my full review of the Joyo DC-15S guitar amplifier. The Joyo DC-15S is a guitar practice amplifier designed for electric and acoustic guitarists. This is a home practice amplifier that can sound great at any volume, thanks to the amplifier’s design.

The Joyo DC-15S has many great features, making it one of the best little practice amplifiers out there at an affordable price. Overall, I can highly recommend this amplifier for home practice, and it’s one of my favorite small amplifiers I’ve tried in a very long time.

What I really like about the Joyo DC-15S

Feature for feature, this amplifier really punches above its weight.  The Joyo DC-15S has 8 different guitar simulated models. This will work from cleaner electric guitar tones to British Crunch through to Metal tones. The DC-15S also has a mode dedicated to acoustic guitar, so it will work great with any guitar you plug into it.

The built-in lithium battery gives you between 1-3 hours of use, depending on your volume.  The DC-15s also comes with an AC power supply making this a very viable portable or home practice amplifier.

An internal drum machine rocking 36 great beats can be adjusted tempo-wise thanks to the built-in tap-tempo button.  Additionally, the Joyo DC-15S practice amplifier features a really fun looper that allows you to look up to 30 seconds a pass.  Thanks to the provided footswitch, you’ll no doubt find yourself using the looper a lot.

The front panel and footswitch of the Joyo DC-15S

My Review Video

Below is a video review of the Joyo DC-15S guitar amplifier with timestamps to make the experience a lot easier to find each section.

No Computer Interface

One of the things I love about the Joyo DC-15S is that you do not need a phone or computer to dial in tones or sounds.  Everything is done from the top of the amplifier.  This guitar amplifier does not have any complex controls or buttons and is intuitive even without reading the instructions.  I had a similar experience when using the Joyo Jam Buddy.  This is, in many ways, the big brother to the Joyo Jam Buddy.

If you are a fan of plug-and-play, you’ll love what this can do. However, those who want a computer-controlled (Katana-style) experience should look elsewhere.  While you don’t need a computer to operate the Joyo DC-15S guitar amplifier, you can use a phone to play jam tracks via Bluetooth.

The Joyo DC-15S Top Panel Overview
The Joyo DC-15S Top Panel Overview

Recording and Low Volume Practice

Another cool feature of the amplifier is sending a signal out of the line out jack to an audio interface.  In my video review above, you’ll hear how well it records when connected to an audio interface rather than being mic’d up.  This gives the amplifier a far more functional aspect for musicians who want to record their music.  Included is a headphone jack allowing the Joyo DC-15S guitar amplifier to be used as a silent practice solution.

What I don’t like about the Joyo DC-15S Guitar Amplifier

One of the things I wish the Joyo guitar amplifier had was a two or three-band EQ. While the amp is loaded with one tone control, I found myself wanting to add or subtract mids or bass. This is in no way a deal-breaker, but I think some preset tones could benefit from an EQ section.

Secondly, the amplifier can struggle at louder volumes when looping and cranking out the drum machine. However, at moderate volumes, the amplifier has no issues, and the audio through to output jack is not hindered.

Some of the tones sound a little too bright, but you can easily fix this thanks to the tone control. 

Joyo DC-15S back panel
Joyo DC-15S back panel

Best Price on the Joyo DC-15S

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My Final Review

I really like this amplifier, and since posting my video review, a few of my close friends have already ordered theirs. This amplifier is a bigger brother to the Joyo Jam Buddy and will appeal to users who want a looper, drum machine, and more great tones.

Ethics Statement

For the sake of transparency, Artist Guitars and Joyo sponsored my video review.  They had no input into the video review, nor did they get to preview it ahead of time.  They also sent the Joyo DC-15S guitar amplifier out for me to keep. I will review the pros and cons of this unit in this article.  I am also not obliged to write any of my written reviews on this site.