Fender Stratocaster vs Squire Stratocaster

Fender Stratocaster vs Squier Stratocaster

If you’re wondering which guitar to buy please read this and check out the video below.

Fender vs Squier – Squier vs Fender: Blind Test #1

People will always assume that a guitar worth five times more than another guitar will always sound better.  I must admit, I was shocked to find out otherwise but as you can hear below the two guitars in the blind test below sound pretty much the same.  What are the two guitars in the blind test?

I am not suggesting they are played in that order…or am I? You be the judge of that.

You might already be laughing to yourself and saying things like “I bet I could tell the difference” or “I bet the Fender plays 100 times better than the Squier and that’s why it’s a better instrument”.  The truth of this test is that tone is not only subjective to the ear but it’s also subjective to the eyes.  If you know what you’re listening to you’ll favor that which is “better”.  This blind test proves not only most people can’t tell the guitars apart but from my experience they both sound fantastic.

How does the Squier feel to play compared to the Fender?  They are both a little different to each other but not in a “harder or easier to play” way.  Both feel like good guitars.

While this is not the case for all Squier guitars on the market, the Classic Vibe series are phenomenal and the they look, feel and sound great to play.  They have a really great tone thanks to the quality Alnico Pickups.

Please feel free to comment below and let me know which one you think is which and in a week or two I will let everyone know the results of the blind test.