Crazy Tube Circuits Pin Up Fuzz Octave Pedal Review

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Crazy Tube Circuits Pin Up Fuzz Octave Pedal Review

Crazy Tube Circuits Pin Up Fuzz Pedal Review

Crazy Tube Circuits Pin Up Fuzz Octave Pedal Review

The Pin Up Fuzz from Crazy Tube Circuits is a hand made pedal from Greece.  I should say this before I say anything else – Greece is responsible for making some of the best pedals on the market right now.  If you’re into handmade pedals, attention to detail, quality parts, and killer tones, you should check out what they have to offer and Crazy Tube Circuits is no exception.

Tones Available:

The Pin Up Fuzz Octave pedal offers two types of tones.  You can run it as a fuzz only pedal or you can also add the octave effect using the left button.   You can only add the octave effect once the fuzz effect is already on via the right button (on/off switch).

The octave effect will go from a higher octave through to a lower octave thanks to the voicing control.  It tracks really well for single note stuff but doesn’t work perfectly for bending.  This tracking option is actually pretty desirable for a lot of folks who don’t want a polyphonic type octave effect and would opt for something a little less perfect.

The Fuzz tones are spectacular to my ear and I am not the biggest fuzz fan in the World.  I would put the fuzz tones up there with the Anarchy Audio Baa-Bzz which is one of my all time favorites.

The Pin Up Fuzz cleans up really well when you turn your volume control down on the guitar as well.  It feels great under the fingers and responds great to your volume changes on the guitar.

Build Quality

10/10! Not only is it built well using excellent components the pedal itself is one of the nicest finishes I have ever seen on an effects pedal.  There’s a super-high gloss finish on this pedal which looks spectacular!  I would put Crazy Tube Circuit pedals up to the top of my list for visuals their designs and high gloss finish look amazing.

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