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Pedals, Guitars, and Amplifier Reviews

If you’re an independent pedal, amplifier, or guitar maker and would like some free exposure online please contact me so we can have a chat.  I am also happy to help promote independent shops by making demos of gear they stock.  I receive roughly 380,000,435,000, 465,000, 525,000, 614,000+, 650,000+, 850,000+ views per month as of February 2016, and I am the largest channel in Australia of my kind and voted 4th best YouTube channel in the World.  If you want some assistance with your online promotion and want to use HD quality videos that will be seen by millions please contact me and we can chat.

If you’d like to shoot me a gear demo related email please contact me.  My email address will be visible on my YouTube channel’s link.  If you work for an SEO or website company I am not interested in your services.  Cheers.


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