What Tokai Guitars does Shane Play?

Shane's Tokai Guitars

What Tokai Guitars does Shane (intheblues) Play? One of the main questions I see come up time and time again is which Tokai guitars I own and play currently.  I currently have two Japanese made Tokai guitars in my collection and I no longer have any of the Chinese made Tokais. Am I Sponsored by … Read more

Are Harley Benton Guitars Good?

are Harley Benton Guitars good?

Are Harley Benton Guitars Good? Harley Benton is a very viable guitar brand for beginners and more advanced players.  I have been in a fortunate position to be able to test a lot of guitars over the years and I have also tested a number of Harley Benton Guitars.  In terms of their price point, … Read more

My Top 5 Left Handed Electric Guitars

Top 5 Left handed guitars

My Top 5 Electric Guitars I Played at Jerry’s Lefty Guitars In the last six years, I’ve been to Jerry’s lefty guitars in Sarasota Florida three times to film.  The last time I was there I manage to play not only some really great new guitars but lots of vintage instruments as well.  Jerry’s left … Read more