How Good is the Artist TweedTone 20R Guitar Amplifier?

How Good is the Artist TweedTone 20R Guitar Amplifier?

Welcome to my full review of the Artist TweedTone 20R guitar amplifier.  There’s a number of reasons why I call the TweedTone 20R “The Blues Jr Killer” and I will explain these reasons in this review.  Firstly let me state I’ve owned two blues junior amplifiers so this review is coming from a place of experience.  Would I take the TweedTone 20R over a Blues Jr? Absolutely.


The tones within the Artist TweedTone 20R amplifier are much more versatile than a Fender Blues Junior.  It will do a better clean tone thanks to the dedicated clean tone and it also has a dedicated drive channel.   The clean channel will stay clean louder and the drive channel also has way more gain than both the Blues Jr and Classic 30.  Another massive advantage over those amps is the TweedTone 20R also has an overall master volume.  This means you can run the clean channel up loud and essentially running the master volume down to get the amp to break up if you need it to.  While I have never really been a huge fan of a Celestion Seventy 80 speaker – in this amp it sounds good.

Gain & Volume

The Artist TweedTone 20R amplifier can do it all.  In terms of gain, The TweedTone 20R is comparable gain wise to a Marshall DSL40CR amplifier.  This is unheard of from a Tweed amp.  Usually, you’re stuck with a clean/off-clean tone or a little bit of gain like the Classic 30.  The TweedTone 20R takes the gain to the next level.  This means you can plug right into the amp without any effects and it will sound amazing.  In terms of volume, this feels a lot more like a 30-watt combo than a 15.  It has more headroom than I am used to for a 20-watt amplifier and will also be fine for most small/medium pub gigs.  Is it loud enough to gig with? Absolutely.

Build Quality

The build quality is awesome.  Unlike a lot of guitar amplifiers being made off-shore.  The TweedTone 20R has upgraded tubes/vales to ensure proper operation.  I’ve had this amplifier on 10 a few times now in a live mix and it’s huge.

Weight and Portability

The TweedTone 20R is a very light amplifier.  It weighs pretty much the same as any comparable combo amplifier which means it’s easy to get around without hurting your back. For this very reason, it is now my go-to amplifier for blues jams.


One of the limitations of the TweedTone 20R is the fact there’s no effects loop.  For me, this isn’t a dealbreaker for the style of music I personally play.  If you’re a huge FX loop player then you might be out of luck.


In Australia, these amps are about half of the price of a Fender Blues Jr IV or Peavey Classic 30.  This price difference will no doubt vary in different parts of the World.  Being able to spend less to get a better amp is my kind of deal.

This TweedTone 20R replaced my Peavey Studio Pro 112 and if you follow my YouTube channel intheblues you’ll know how much I love Peavey amps.

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Artist TweedTone 20R amplifier
Artist TweedTone 20R amplifier Review by Shane