Achillies Champ Amplifier Review

 Achillies Champ Amplifier Review

This is the Achillies Champ Amplifier. This is a Fender Champ clone built to the highest specifications in Melbourne, Australia.

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The video below was recorded using a Rode M3 Microphone as a close mic as well as a Rode M3 as a room Microphone about 5-6 feet away at amp height.

  • Hand selected timber
  • Traditional dovetail joinery
  • Nos fuse holder (Manufactuered in the 50’s) Rare find
  • Mix of Sprague / F and T / Orange Drop Capacitors
  • Point-to-point wiring
  • Carling switches
  • Switchcraft jacks and plugs
  • Traditional cloth covered wire
  • 1 x 8″ Jensen P8R Alnico speaker
  • High and low inputs
  • 1 x Vol/ Power switch
  • Cathode biased
  • 4 watts output
  • 1 x 6V6 Power Tube, 1 x 12AX7 Pre Amp, 1 x 5Y3 Rectifier

[usr 5]  I’ve given this amp a 5/5 for obvious reasons.  Not only is the amp of superior build quality, it’s small light and sounds bigger than it’s physical size.  It sounds great with a Stratocsater, Telecaster, and Humbucker guitars (more videos to follow).  If you want the best small amp around, check this Fender Champ Replica.  I have no hesitations saying it’s built better than Fender Custom Shop amplifiers.

Achillies Champ Amplifier

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