Zendrive Pedal Review

Zendrive Pedal by Hermida Audio

It looks like Lovepedal is now selling the Zendrive.  I am not sure how they compare to the original (or if they are any different), but the Hermida Audio version of this pedal is the one used in the video review below.  The Zendrive is essentially a “Dumble in a box” type pedal taking your amps tone and rounding it out in ways your amp can’t naturally do it.   Robben Ford used this pedal for quite a while and I guess aside from his killer chops, it helped define his sound at the time.  The Zendrive is somewhat like a Tubescreamer, but it has a thicker mids sound, not quiet as thick as some pedals on the market, but it sort of has “the right amount”.  It has a really responsive gain stage, it cleans up great and it also has a very simple interface with only 4 controls.

The video demo above is a demo of the Zendrive with a Telecaster and the demo below is with a ES-335 (Tokai L145)

(4.8 / 5)
This pedal gets a 4.75.  It not only looks cool, it sounds great and has a unique sound compared to most conventional Overdrive or Tubescreamer Pedals.  Give this one a look in if you’re after a Dumble style tone without the hefty amplifier price tag.  It works great on a clean or overdriving amplifier.  Overall in my opinion the Zendrive is great!

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