Tone City Sweet Cream Overdrive Pedal

Tone City Sweet Cream

Tone City Sweet Cream Overdrive Pedal

The Tone City Sweet Cream is a great rhythm pedal or for fattening up an already dirty tone.  I use it primarily for rhythm guitar and for stacking another pedal into it.  Not only does it work great on it’s own it feels nice to play being extremely responsive to how hard you hit the strings.  As mentioned above, it stacks extremely well.  I have used it with a number of pedals live and it sound wonderful.

The video of the Sweet Cream below is through a Yorkville Traynor

Check out how the Tone City Sweet Cream sounds in a live situation.

The Tone City stuff is based on the Movall pedals with the exact same internals.  If you can pick these up for a good price go for it you won’t be disappointed.  This particular pedal is based on the Honey Drive which is a favorite of many people who are searching for a responsive, smooth, and warm off-clean overdrive.

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