Mustang Monday Signature Series #10 – Jimi Hendrix

Mustang Monday Signature Series #10 – Jimi Hendrix

This is my final Mustang Monday in the series.  The tones I went for is a combination from songs including Red House, Wind Cries Mary, All Along the Watchtower and more.

Feel free to add a Wah pedal and get some voodoo child tones!  You can download this Fender Fuse patch for your amplifier here.

This series is now finished.  Thanks to everyone who supported the Mustang Monday videos and patches. I really appreciate your support.


Mustang Monday Signature Series #9 – Popa Chubby

Mustang Monday Signature Series #9 – Popa Chubby

Welcome to week 9 of the signature series of tones for Mustang Monday.  This week I chose some great tones from the blues guitar master blaster – Popa Chubby.

He’s armed with two Red knob Fender Twins up nice and loud and the tone is something else.

This is the reference tone for the actual download on the Fender Fuse site.

To download this patch for your Fender Mustang V2 please type in “intheblues” or “mustang monday” in the Fuse software or you can visit my intheblues preset page.


Mustang Monday Signature Series #8 – Buddy Guy

Mustang Monday Signature Series #8 – Buddy Guy

Welcome to Mustang Monday part 8.  The tone chosen from the Buddy Guy collection was from this song below called “Every time I sing the Blues”.

Have a listen and compare the tones and let me know what you think.  For the first time ever I tried recording direct out of the mustang via the XLR output so there’s no microphone on the amp which still sounds very impressive.

Thanks for watching please let me know what you think and don’t forget to thumbs up the Mustang Monday videos on YouTube if you like them.  You can download this patch here or just type in “intheblues” or “Mustang Monday” in the Fender Fuse Software to find it.

Buddy Guy Patch Settings

If you don’t have the ability to download the patch here are the settings I used for this patch.


Mustang Monday Signature Series #7 – Eric Clapton

Mustang Monday Signature Series #7 – Eric Clapton

Week 7 brings us the epic ES-335 tones from Eric Clapton live in Hyde Park.

This is by far his best tone of all time in my opinion and it leaves his nasal sounding TBX Boost Stratocaster tone for dead.  Every time I see Eric Clapton on a ES-335 his playing seems to be taken up a notch as well which is always a great thing to witness.  Eric’s been a favorite player of mine for years and I learned a lot watching him and especially from this concert.

Below is the Reference tone I used to get this Mustang Monday patch.

You can find this patch via the Fender Fuse software by typing “intheblues” or “mustang Monday”.  Feel free to check out all my patches here as well.


Mustang Monday Signature Series #5 – Mark Knopfler

Mustang Monday Signature Series #5 – Mark Knopfler

This weeks tone was taken from the killer tones of Mark Knopfler from the Sultans of Swing song.


My reference tones for this patch were the following two clips.  Check out the live version of Sultans of Swing on the live clip as well.  I went for a tone closer to that than the album version.  I added a hall reverb on the patch to give it that live sound as well.

This first video is the album version of Sultans of Swing

This second video features Sultans of Swing in the live concert.  Check out this version not only for the tone but for the amazing chops!

Feel free to tweak this patch to suit your preference too.

Download the Mark Knopfler patch on the Fender Fuse Website or you can type in “intheblues” to bring up a list of all my patches on the Fender Fuse Software.

Mark Knopfler is one of my all time favorite guitarists and song writers. I think what sets him apart is his original approach to playing guitar and his very melodic guitar solos that are a real cut above most other imitators out there.  Knopfler is a class act on guitar and can play any style of guitar including folk, country, rock, blues and more.  Check out some of his stuff with Chet Atkins for example on YouTube.

Mustang Monday #5 Mark Knopfler

Mustang Monday Signature Series #3 – Brad Paisley

Mustang Monday Signature Series #3 – Brad Paisley

This week we’re going for something different from the blues and venturing into country territory with a patch modeled on the awesome tones of Brad Paisley.  Brad’s my favorite country player and singer hands down and his guitar playing and tone is simply amazing.

While I can not play anything like the guitar genius himself, I learned a few licks in this style to demonstrate on my Mustang Monday video.  If you’re a good country player, you’ll make the most out of it for sure.

This video below is where I found the reference tone.  Once Brad shows the reverb you get a really good sense of the enormity of the tone in my opinion.  It simply sounds fantastic and those Dr Z amps really sing.  I can only imagine how loud it was in that room, the camera mic makes it sound huge.

If you’re using the Mustang Fender Fuse software you can simply type in intheblues, Mustang Monday, or Brad Paisley to find the patch otherwise just follow this link to my presets.

Please rate the preset on the Fender Fuse site and thumbs up the video on YouTube to keep the series alive.

Mustang Monday #3 Brad Paisley