Mustang Monday Signature Series #6 – Jonny Lang

Mustang Monday Signature Series #6 – Jonny Lang

Week 6 in the Mustang Monday series is based on the live Jonny Lang tones from 1997.  His tone is gritty, dirty, and simply awesome.  Great tone and his controlled yet somewhat erratic style lead playing with great attack really makes the guitar sing.  He was 16 years old when this video was shot and some consider this some of his best tone of all time.  I like his new tone as well with the modified Deluxe Reverb amplifiers but that said, whatever he has in this clip, I’ve tried to emulate to the best of my ability.

I am using my solid body Fender 52 Telecaster with Joe Barden pickups for this model as I don’t have a Telecaster like Jonny Lang’s one in this clip and it sounds pretty sweet.  Back the volume down and it cleans up, turn it up and it gets nasty! That coupled with an overdrive pedal as well to kick in more gain and volume and this patch sings for blues guitarists.

I really love this tone and it should work great for most type of guitars.  Feel free to modify based on your particular guitar.  Like I mentioned I have Joe Barden pickups in my Telecaster and they are fatter and thicker sounding that regular single coils so feel free to do a little tweaking to get it the way you want it.

I hope you enjoy this patch.  You can download it from the Fender Fuse software by typing in “intheblues” or “Mustang Monday”.  Or you can download it from the web here.

Fender Mustang Monday Jonny Lang


Mustang Monday Signature Series #4 – Stevie Ray Vaughan

Mustang Monday Signature Series #4 – Stevie Ray Vaughan

This is probably the best preset I have made so far in my opinion.  It sounds remarkably close to the tone on Little Wing off Sky is Crying album by Stevie Ray Vaughan.

You can download the patch directly on the web here or type in “intheblues” or “Mustang Monday” into the Fender Fuse software.  I developed this patch listening to the above track on CD and modifying it until I got the touch response right.  I hope you all enjoy this one it took a while.

I feel like I nailed the tone of the intro and the reverb that surrounds the guitar tone.  Feel free to modify it if you like less reverb, it should be easy to do.

Thanks for checking this out – Click here to head back to the Mustang Monday video on YouTube.

I used the Fender Deluxe Reverb into a Super-Sonic cabinet for this patch.  I put the spring reverb on the amp and also ran a room reverb in the FX loop to give it that big, warm, and round sound on the reverb.  I just tweaked the EQ section to match my guitar so you may need to make some adjustments depending on your pickups.  This will sound best with a Stratocaster too.

Mustang Monday Signature Series #3 – Brad Paisley

Mustang Monday Signature Series #3 – Brad Paisley

This week we’re going for something different from the blues and venturing into country territory with a patch modeled on the awesome tones of Brad Paisley.  Brad’s my favorite country player and singer hands down and his guitar playing and tone is simply amazing.

While I can not play anything like the guitar genius himself, I learned a few licks in this style to demonstrate on my Mustang Monday video.  If you’re a good country player, you’ll make the most out of it for sure.

This video below is where I found the reference tone.  Once Brad shows the reverb you get a really good sense of the enormity of the tone in my opinion.  It simply sounds fantastic and those Dr Z amps really sing.  I can only imagine how loud it was in that room, the camera mic makes it sound huge.

If you’re using the Mustang Fender Fuse software you can simply type in intheblues, Mustang Monday, or Brad Paisley to find the patch otherwise just follow this link to my presets.

Please rate the preset on the Fender Fuse site and thumbs up the video on YouTube to keep the series alive.

Mustang Monday #3 Brad Paisley

Mustang Monday Signature Series #2 – John Mayer Trio

Mustang Monday Signature Series #2 – John Mayer Trio

This installment of Mustang Monday features some of my favorite John Mayer Trio tone from the “live” album called “Try”.  I put live in quotation marks because there was loads of overdubs and post production but that aside the album does rock and is one of my favorites.  The tone I have used to build this preset is the Fender Stratocaster tone from the song Vultures.  If you scroll right to the end of the song you’ll hear John jamming out on his own.  This is what I have used for reference.  Make sure you switch to the bridge and middle pickup combination to really get the quack and glassy attack happening.

Below is a video featuring the song I used as reference.  The Stratocaster tone at the start is nice and mellow and then it thickens out a little for solo tones.

I also added some delay which I think sounds a little nicer than the delay in the tune.  You can modify the delay to meet your own tastes.

I hope you enjoy this weeks Mustang Monday.  Feel free to download this Vultures Tone directly.  You can also see all my presets by visiting here.

Please share this video with any Fender Mustang friends you have. I recorded this one on the Mustang III.

Mustang Monday Signature Series #2 John Mayer Trio

Mustang Monday Signature Series #1 – BB King

Mustang Monday Signature Series #1 – BB King

My new Mustang Monday series has begun.  For the next 10 – 20 weeks I will be posting video and download links for Mustang III, IV, and V tones for the Fender Mustang V2 Amplifiers.

This first preset is the famous BB King.  The tone I used for reference was this clip below.  While this tone is slightly darker or has more overdrive than my preset, you can simply crank up the drive to get a very similar sound.  When BB is playing softer after the intro part, that is where I have referenced the sound.

I tried a bunch of amp models to get this tome but surprisingly the strange combination of the Bassman amplifier into the Deluxe Reverb Cabinet seemed to work it’s magic.  I also used the compressor model which is always on.  Feel free to tweak it for the best possible BB King tone you can get.  I think there’s a million different ways this could work but for the Mustang III, this is as close as I could get. I hope you enjoy it.  :-)

Here’s the sound of the custom patch:

You can download my BB King fender fuse patch here or via the Fender Fuse software by typing in “Mustang Monday” or “intheblues“.


SGT-SpurGuitarTech Boost Pedal

SGT-SpurGuitarTech Boost Pedal

The SGT-SpurGuitarTech Boost pedal is a killer volume boost pedal made in England, UK.  I was lucky enough to try and demo the first one of these online and I have nothing but great things to say about it.  If you love your amp tone and don’t want to mess with it and want either more volume or require a preamp boost pedal before another overdrive, this is a perfect solution.  You can also run it after another pedal for a volume and treble boost.

This pedal is really well made and features one “crackle okay” negative feedback volume/boost pot (based on 60’s style pots) on the front as well as an on off switch.  Crackle okay refers to the noise the pot makes when you turn it.  This is normal and is highly sought after by some players.

This particular pedal is handmade and I had a chance to open it as well and it’s extremely well made internally using great components.  The price is also great, so please check them out online if you’re digging it on the SpurGuitarTech Website.

I have this pedal on my pedal board after my Klon KTR which not only increases the sustain on the pedal but it also kicks up the volume as well.  Running this before the Klon would give me similar results only it wouldn’t be increasing the treble.  Running it after another pedal is where the treble boost kicks in.  Really, you can run it however you like and it’s all up to what works best for you, so experiment around and see how it goes.

SGT-SpurGuitarTech intheblues boost pedal

(4.8 / 5) – There’s no surprise to you that I really like this pedal.  The guys at SpurGuitarTech were nice enough to put my logo on it and it looks and sounds great.  This pedal is like the best parts of the BBE Boosta Grande mixed with the Gamut Boost Pedal.  If you want a volume boost you can also use as a treble boost, check into this one, as it delivers the goods.

ChickenPicks Guitar Picks Review

ChickenPicks Guitar Picks Review

ChickenPicks are a “boutique” style pick coming out of the Netherlands.  These are not only thicker than a regular pick but they are also made of a hardened material that will give you better tone.  One of the real benefits of ChickenPicks is you don’t have to hold it as hard to execute your picking, it seems to decrease pressure on your rhythm hand because the pick is actually doing the work, rather than relying on the regular tension of your hand on regular style picks.

Eppo sent out a pack of these for me to test and he now has a new customer. These picks feel great in the hand and even after 10 minutes, I knew they were going to be something I could use down the road.  The benefit of the materials is that it will last 10x-20x longer than most regular picks.  They are more expensive than your regular Jim Dunlop picks for example, but they will last forever as long as you don’t lose them ;).

(4.8 / 5)
Like all music gear – sound, feel, tone is all subjective which is exactly what these are too.  I have been using the same picks for about 12 years until now.  Chicken picks are cool and I really think having less rhythm hand fatigue is a real positive that really makes sense for people who play a lot.  Check the out online here as well in my new intheblues tone shop online store.

ChickenPicks Guitar Picks Review


Welcome to INTHEBLUES Reviews

Welcome to INTHEBLUES Reviews







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