Mustang Monday Signature Series #10 – Jimi Hendrix

Mustang Monday Signature Series #10 – Jimi Hendrix

This is my final Mustang Monday in the series.  The tones I went for is a combination from songs including Red House, Wind Cries Mary, All Along the Watchtower and more.

Feel free to add a Wah pedal and get some voodoo child tones!  You can download this Fender Fuse patch for your amplifier here.

This series is now finished.  Thanks to everyone who supported the Mustang Monday videos and patches. I really appreciate your support.


Fender Mustang Monday Amplifier Tones by intheblues

Fender Mustang Monday by intheblues

Here are the first 10 Mustang Monday presets I made with the help of Ric, Brian, and Wayne based on popular amplifiers and tones I really like.  Most of these presets were based off amplifiers we had in a side by side comparison.  Some of them sounded as good or better than the real tube amplifier that we based them on.

The Fender Mustang amplifiers sound fantastic once you get past the stock presets which are “okay” at best.  These presets make the amp sound so much more like a real tube amp and having them in the side by side comparison while tweaking really makes a difference.  Please note, these presets will only work for the version 2 amplifier series and not the originals.  I don’t have a version 1 amplifier so I am unable to make presets for that amp.

Here’s a breakdown of the videos in this series:

  • Mustang Monday #1 – Delayed ’65 Fender Princeton intheblues
  • Mustang Monday #2 – Fender 68 Custom Deluxe Reverb intheblues
  • Mustang Monday #3 – Two-Rock Studio Pro 22 intheblues
  • Mustang Monday #4 – Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue intheblues
  • Mustang Monday #5 – VOX AC30C2 intheblues
  • Mustang Monday #6 – Fender EC Tremolux intheblues
  • Mustang Monday #7 – EC Twinolux Custom Version intheblues
  • Mustang Monday #8 – Signature Marshall Tone intheblues
  • Mustang Monday #9 – Fender ’57 Bandmaster intheblues
  • Mustang Monday #10 – Super-Sonic 60

Follow this link for more INTHEBLUES Mustang Monday Videos.

Fender Mustang Monday Continues

I will have Mustang Monday series two on track for an August 2014 start.  If you have any requests for tones please let me know by commenting below or on Facebook/YouTube mail bag videos.  The above collection took a long time to complete and if you’re on the Fender Fuse website I would appreciate you leaving a rating on the patch or leaving some comments.  Fee free to share these around too, they are free to download.  If you watch the playlist above you can then click on the links in the video to find the direct link to the patch via YouTube or you can simply click here.

Hope you enjoyed the first series.  The Fender Mustang amp is one of the most versatile and fun amps I have ever used, they just sound great! :)


Mustang Monday - Free Fender Fuse Presets by intheblues
Mustang Monday – Free Fender Fuse Presets by intheblues

Fender Mustang III Amplifier at a live gig (live performance)

Fender Mustang III Live Performance Test

I finally had a chance to use the Fender Mustang III amplifier live and it sounded really sweet.  While it’s a solid state amplifier, it’s quite loud and packs quite a punch.  The video demo below is a large room, so they use microphones on all the instruments including the drums, so we did have our amps mic’d up – you can see that clearly in the video.  That said, I was asked to turn down due to the volume off stage being “too loud”.  One thing I point out in the video is that the presets went out the window somewhat due to the room we were in.  Due to the acoustics of the room, I had to modify the treble quite a lot to get the right sort of tone, once I had it dialed in, it was easy – the Tubescreamer tones sounded awesome as did the Tape Delay effect.  It’s pretty clear we both played guitar like we would normally.  Did it sound the same as our tube amp counter-parts that the models we made were set to in a live situation? No, but it sounded close and very usable.  The fact these amps are so loud, lightweight and inexpensive make them a go-to for situations like jam nights and so forth where I can’t be bothered bringing in a Fender Super-Sonic 60 or a rack of pedals for my Deluxe Reverb.

I have also used this amp in a rather large room recently and without a microphone in front of it and it sounded fine.  It was way too loud on 6 on the master volume so I had to turn down.  This is a good sign of the amount of volume you can expect with the Mustang III.