VOX AC15C1X vs Fender Blues Jr III

VOX AC15C1X vs Fender Blues Jr III

The Fender Blues Jr III and VOX AC-15 amplifiers are two of the most popular and sought after 15 watt EL84 valve combos on the market today.  Even in 2016, these amplifiers continue to be the standard for most musicians in the World.  I’ve owned both a Vox AC15C1 and Blues Junior and both have their own unique pros and cons.  Let’s take a look at both amps and I’ll let you know my thoughts on them both.

Fender Blues Jr III

Pros:  Good price, small, lightweight, and good overdrive tones, FSR amps have a notable speaker upgrade added.
Cons: Cabinet can be too small for some people, no tremolo, stock speaker (the Eminence) is not very good.


Pros: Good price, larger cabinet than the Blues Jr III, great stock speaker, loud, great on board tremolo.
Cons: Heavier than the Blues Junior, stock valves can be less than brilliant, no mids control.

Below is a video between the VOX AC-15 and the Fender Blues Jr III amplifiers.

Overall:  Both amps are great so it’s up to you which one you like the best.  It’s all personal choice. For me either amp can do blues and classic rock.  The Fender has more mids which might work better in the mix of a band context but it’s not as loud and big sounding due to the smaller cabinet size.  If Fender boxed it up in a cabinet the same size as the Vox it would probably improve the overall live experience.  Playing at home or jamming the Fender will do the job and you could always mic it up.  The VOX sounds fantastic with a Telecaster and will be better for a dirtier sound thanks to the great gain control.  I like the physical size of the VOX a lot more because the cabinet size really improves the overall throw of the amp.  These are both great amps and I would go for the one you like the sound of the best because that’s what it comes down to.  If you’re a country player and use a Telecaster – go for the Vox. ;-).

Fender Blues Junior III Amplifier Review

Fender Blues Junior III Amplifier Review

The Fender Blues Junior III is a 15 watt all-tube amplifier featuring EL84 Power Tubes and 12-AX7 preamp tubes.  It’s a small and tidy package featuring one channel with a preamp and master volume option.  The great thing about the Blues Junior III is its’ small, light, and quite loud for it’s size.

The video below shows you how the amp sounds with a Fender Telecaster and a Brute Drive Overdrive Pedal. This video features the stock version in black tolex.  This video was made possible by the kind folk at the Rock Garage.  If you’re interested in purchasing a Blues Junior and you’re in Australia, contact the Rock Garage for a price.

The Fender Blues Junior is one of Fenders only amplifiers to feature this type of Tube configuration which is usually seen in amps such as Vox and Peavey.  It’s stood the test of time and it’s one of the most popular amplifiers Fender make.

These are good for low to moderate volume gigs, practicing at home, home recording, and more.


How to change a Fender Blues Jr III Speaker

How to change a Fender Blues Jr III Speaker

This video will show you how easy it is to swap a Fender Blues Junior III speaker.  The process is exactly the same for an older Fender Blues Jr Amplifier

  • You only need one tool for this job:  a Philips Head Screwdriver/Star Screwdriver (medium size)
  • There are only 4 screws to remove from the cabinet.
  • Don’t try and go in from the back of the amplifier it’s not the right way to get to the speaker and you’ll just waste a lot of time trying.
  • Removing the speaker the same way as in the video will prevent you from having to remove the tubes and is actually faster and easier.

I hope this helps, if you have any questions or comments please leave them below.