Australian Fender Guitar Prices are Crazy!

Australian Fender Guitar Prices are Crazy!

As part of my monthly intheblues tone podcast I decided to have a chat about the prices of Fender instruments in Australia and their suggested retail price which has now hit an all-time high.  For those who live outside of Australia – when we go to we are directed to and I am making an assumption that if you live outside of the US you might have a localized version of the site that you’re automatically taken to (unless you use a VPN).

I hadn’t checked the Fender site for a long time and I was pretty stunned at their price hike even on their bog-standard Mexican made Stratocasters and Telecasters.  Making mention of this publicly and I then realized Australia wasn’t the only country where the prices are more than doubled in most cases sometimes tripled.

 Check out the prices on Amazon USA compared with the RRP price in Australia at $1499.00 Fender Standard Stratocaster Electric Guitar – Maple Fingerboard, Arctic White

As I mentioned in the follow up video below.  I am aware that we pay GST/Import Tax on imported goods over $1000 AUD and shops also pay GST which is 10% of the price of the goods.  There’s also a $50.00 AU import fee on these items for goods over $1000 AUD.  This brings a $1000 item to $1150.00 without taking into effect the shipping costs.  As you can see we are now encroaching the $1499 price area BUT there is one thing you’re forgetting.  A Fender Standard Stratocaster only sells for $599 at the most in the USA.  As of writing this post that equates to 797.832 in Australian dollars.  This price is then essentially doubled in Australia.  Given, you won’t actually pay $1499 in shops but the expectation that everyone gets a deal is also not true.  Given the fact there’s 10% GST paid on a guitar at the time of sale (and also if the import order exceeds $1000.00 as mentioned).  Let’s drop the guitar in value to $1000 AUD.  At this price, the shop will have to essentially pay $100 for Goods and Services Tax in Australia.  While I can’t speak on the exact amounts of shipping – I have shipped a number of guitars overseas and it’s clearly not the difference between what is left between the GST payments and the items value.

The Australian dollar is also the same right now as Canada in comparison to the USD.  Check out Landon’s video from Canada and his thoughts on it too!