Fender Tremolux EC Amplifer vs Vox AC-15 Amplifier

Fender Tremolux EC Amplifier vs Vox AC-15 Amplifier

Here we take the new EC amplifier by Fender running at 12 watts and the Vox AC-15 running at 15 watts. The VOX is on the normal channel so it’s bypassing any EQ and the reverb is off to keep the demo comparable.

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Vox AC30C2 vs Vox AC15C1 Guitar Amplifiers

Vox AC30C2 vs Vox AC15C1 Guitar Amplifier

We’re taking a look at the difference in tone between the Vox AC15C1 and the Vox AC30C2 Amplifiers.

Both have the same EL84 and 12AX7 Tubes and both have the Celestion Vintage 30 12 inch speakers

Check out the video for the thorough comparison test.