SviSound OverZoid Pedal

SviSound OverZoid OZ01 Overdrive Pedal Review

SviSound OverZoid OZ01 Overdrive Pedal Review

The SviSound OverZoid Oz01 pedal is unlike anything else I have seen until this point in time.  It not only has the coolest appearance known to mankind, it also sounds amazing!  The artistic approach is something between Artistic, Industrial and 16th Century, it looks simply awesome.  SviSound pedals are hand made with time, care, and precision.

How does it sound?  This is where the pedal shines (obviously).

Mark at SviSound  (the pedal creator) is really onto a winner with this pedal, it will do just about anything you need it to do.  It sounds great on a clean amp or pushing an already dirty amplifier for bigger, fatter, and more sustained tones.

The Oz01 Pedal Features:

  • Gain from clean to overdrive:  This makes it perfect for just about any styles of music from Blues, Pop, Blues-Rock, Roots, Classic Rock and more.
  • Three simple controls including: Gain, Tone and Volume Controls
  • Toggle Switch: Adds in more low end for warm fat mids.  This is great for Fender guitar players wanting more lows or a “thicker” bridge tone.
  • Awesome and unique Metal design

This video below is a video demonstration of the OverZoid in action with a Fender Telecaster.

[usr 5] – I’ve given this pedal a five star rating for obvious reasons – It’s simple to use, it sounds great, it’s built extremely well, and the guy who makes them returns your emails giving you a lot of confidence in his products and support.  I would have no hesitations in recommending this pedal to fans of amp like response in a box small enough to fit on any pedal board.

SviSound OverZoid Pedal


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