Open Mic Night Documentary by Intheblues


Open Mic Night Documentary by Intheblues

This is the official first documentary about open mic night’s in Melbourne Australia.  This is my first attempt at a documentary style film and I really enjoyed the process of coming up with a concept, script, and then producing a final product.  This is very much a similar project to releasing a new album, the same amount of time and effort goes into it and I have learned a lot on the journey.  For those who are interested in the technical aspects of this production I used the following:

  • 2 x Canon XA20 Video Cameras (1080p 50FPS)
  • Sony Vegas 13 64 Bit Video Editing Suite
  • Waves Audio Plugins
  • Rode NTG-1 Microphones (on camera)
  • Rode Reporter Microphone (seen in all interview scenes but not active in all)

Cast and Crew

  • Keith Watts – Interview #1
  • Alex Dapiran – Interview #2
  • Wayne Powell – Interview #3
  • Linda Trickey – Interview #4
  • Shane Diiorio – Camera, Editing, Script, Audio, Producer
  • Neill Denovan – Camera
  • Jessica Rush – Creative, Editing Assistance
  • Thanks to Debra Zuliani & The Green Table

Please share this with anyone you know who has been to a jam night before.

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