Movall Pedals versus Tone City Pedals

Movall Pedals

Movall Pedals versus Tone City Pedals

Movall PedalsAs you know I have done many demos for the Tone City products over the last 12 months and with good reason, those pedals are great.  It only later came to my attention that the Movall pedals were on the market long before Tone City and are very similar.  How similar?  They are the same internally and were designed by the same guy Jason in China.  The only difference with these pedals is the artwork on the pedal enclosures.

If you’re looking to buy a one of either, know that both sound exactly the same.  It basically comes down which pedal you can find in your area or which design you like best.

I will be moving to Movall pedals on the INTHEBLUES Tone Shop over the next few weeks and whatever Tone City pedals I have left are it.  Movall have been a lot easier to order from and work with so it’s a no brainer for me.  I am not sure what happened with Movall and Tone City but that said both pedals are great in terms of build quality and tone.

If you know anything about this please post below in the comments.


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