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Deluxe Guitars – in April 2014 I will begin producing free demos in conjunction with Australia’s finest boutique brick and mortar store located in South Melbourne, Australia.  They stock all high end gear, if you’re into Two Rock, Nash Guitars, Suhr, and every high end pedal you can imagine – check them out asap.

Left Hand Guitar World – Left hand guitar reviews from all over the planet.  If you’re a left handed guitarist you’ll love this website.

Jerry’s Lefty Guitars – Sarasota Florida.  The best collection of left handed guitars on the planet! Check out Jerry’s website.

Toy Room Effects Pedals – New Australian made pedals which are a sight to behold.  Beautiful pain jobs on these boxes as well as wonderful tones from some of your favorite sounds throughout the history of music.

The Rock Garage is a really cool and independent music store in Ferntree Gully, Victoria – Australia.  They have been nice enough to let me demo a selection of their products since 2012 and I am looking forward to working with them again in 2014

Little Crow Guitars is an Australian guitar and bass company based in Western Australia.  They make instruments suited to Blues and Roots musicians that have a honest and Earthy feel to them.  I have been honored with having my own signature model Little Crow Corvinho SD electric guitar.  If you’re into instruments that sounds great and are different to what everyone else is playing, check them out.  Dave and Viv do a great job on these instruments, drop them a  line on their Facebook page or Website.

Barokah Effector make this killer pedal called a “Drive 900”.  I am glad to be one of the very first people who have made a video for them.  These handmade Indonesian built boutique pedals are something special.  Look and sound fantastic and are built like a brick!  They are decked out in a wonderful chrome style and feature the unmistakable tones leaning into Marshall territory.  You can make this pedal do almost anything which is why it ended up #2 in my top 12 overdrive pedals of 2013 video list.

ChickenPicks – This is a high-quality and highly-durable thermosetting plastic which makes for a great pick hand experience playing guitar. It is an extremely hard substance – hard enough to make ChickenPicks last a long time, even for years of heavy use. But it is smooth, too… so smooth that a ChickenPicks eliminates annoying and unwanted overtones when you play.  Check them out.

Dragon’s Heart Guitar Picks – Killer picks similar to the feel of the ChickenPicks but with their own unique material and design.  These are a work of art and a great option for boutique picks.  These are made in Fort Worth, Texas.

Mammoth Electronics – DIY kits and electronic components for pedals and devices.  Check them out, they have some great do it yourself kits for beginners to advanced.  Their Super-Cell overdrive for example sounds amazing!

SpurGuitarTech – Great handmade pedals and amplifiers coming out of the UK.  I was lucky enough to demo the Boost pedal.  Check it out on YouTube “intheblues boost pedal”

Texas Harmonic Pedals – Home of the hand made HotMod 800 Hot Rodded Valve Distortion Pedal.

Donner Pedals – Donner make high quality effects and guitar accessories.

The TDPRI Forum is a great online community  I am a new member here but the community is great and there’s lots to chat about regarding Telecasters, Amps, Pedals and more.

Guitar Effects World is a new page that has nothing but guitar effects pedal reviews and videos.  While the page is new, it has a lot of potential featuring many of the best videos on the internet.

Emerson Custom Guitars & Pedals – Two of the best pedals ever made and I can vouch for their quality, tone and performance.

SviSound – A huge thanks to Mark at SviSound for letting me one of the first to demo and test the OverZoid Oz01 Overdrive Pedal.  This ranked #1 on a previous top 10 list. It’s such a great pedal.

VFE Pedals – Some of the best US made pedals I have seen. Exceptional tone, exceptional design, exceptional customer service.  A+

Dragon’s Heart Guitar Picksrt Boutique Picks – USA Made Boutique Picks.  Give these a try if you’re looking for something to make playing much easier.

Pedal Haven – Guitar DIY Pedal Information

Other links

Shane Diiorio Band – An Australian band playing original music and blues


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