Joyo Old School Distortion Pedal Review


Joyo Old School Distortion Pedal Review

The Joyo Old School Distortion pedal is perfect for classic 70’s style rock n roll and will have enough gain to suite most people’s tastes.  Even in 2015, this type of sound is very popular and can be used for anything from AC/DC to Chili Pepper’s style music and more. This pedal is part of the Ironman series of pedals from Joyo and the build quality is top notch for the price.

In terms of size, this pedal is very small.  It’s even smaller than the Movall or Tone city pedals which are also a great choice.  Joyo has released over 20 new pedals in the Ironman series which includes many new overdrives and distortions previously not available in their regular pedals.

Don’t let the size put you off, these are built like a brick and the pots and controls feel very sturdy.

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