Hagstrom Super Viking Electric Guitar Review


Hagstrom Super Viking Electric Guitar Review

The Hagstrom Super Viking Electric guitar is a “335” style electric guitar featuring two great sounding Hagstrom humbucker pickups.  One of the best things about this guitar is how great the pickups sound. That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with the guitar either, but the pickups are special in my opinion and sound fantastic.  I own a Tokai 145L which is a Japanese made Gibson ES-335 clone.  The Hagstrom Super Viking guitar is built just as well as the Tokai and the tone is also awesome thanks to these really clear sounding humbucker pickups.  If you’re not into muddy tones found in a lot of ES-335 style guitars you’re going to love this guitar.

I didn’t realize this at the time of filming the video below but the fingerboard is actually resin.  I had no idea visually this was the case and after reflecting on my experience with the guitar I couldn’t tell or care less.  Everything about this guitar played amazing straight off the wall.

In terms of Chinese made guitars I would go so far to say that this particular Hagstrom is one of the nicest guitars I have ever played.  It played just as well as my higher end Japanese Tokai and sounded probably better too.  This is a really lovely guitar worth checking out.  If you want to check it out on Amazon take a look here.


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