Greenchild K818 Dual Overdrive Pedal Review


Greenchild K818 Overdrive Pedal

The K818 dual overdrive pedal is the latest release from Greenchild pedals in the USA.  This is both a vintage overdrive pedal on the left and a Klon style overdrive on the right.  One of the great things about this pedal is you can use the pedals independently or on together for singing lead tones.  The idea for this pedal was this – keep it simple and usable without a million controls and switches and that’s exactly what you get.  The right side of the pedal is based on a Klon without as much noise as the original thanks to a few special innovations in design.  The left side is based on clean and open vintage overdrive tones found in early Maxon pedals.  The great thing is with the vintage overdrive it’s not a stock Tubescreamer for example. You can actually dial in the centre control to add or remove warmth,  mids, and presence with ease.

Check out the video below for an in-depth review of the new Greenchild 818 Dual overdrive pedal.

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